ETA Conference I Energy and Thermal Management, Air Conditioning, Waste Heat Recovery

fourth quarter, 2020, Berlin, Germany


  • Dr. Christine Junior

    Dr. Christine Junior

    IAV GmbH Expert Thermodynamic Systems
  • Oliver Dingel

    Oliver Dingel

    IAV GmbH Head of Department Energy Management


The increasing complexity of demands from society and policymakers and the wealth of technically feasible solutions are generating new challenges with regard tu using available energy sources efficiently. As a result, sectors such as transport and industrial and building services engineering are acting in an environment that is more complex than ever. This means that energy and thermal management, air conditioning and waste heat utilization can no loger be considered in isolation. In this context, interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral solutions can generate completely new growth trends.

But what does increasing complexity mean for our development processes? Which underlying conditions will have a long-termn influence on interdisciplinary solutions and ideas? And how do components and concepts need to be structured for this changing environment of the future?

These are the issues that will be discussed at ETA 2018, where the focus will be on integrated approaches, technical solutions and innovations - plus components and concepts.

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Be part of ETA 2018 and use the online registration.

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