International Conference on Calibration - Methods and Automotive Data Analytics

May 21-22, 2019, Berlin, Germany


  • Dr. Karsten Röpke

    Dr. Karsten Röpke

    IAV Head of Department Development Methods
  • Prof. Clemens Gühmann

    Prof. Clemens Gühmann

    TU Berlin Head of Chair Electronic Measurement and Diagnostic Technology
  • Matthias Schultalbers

    Matthias Schultalbers

    IAV Executive Vice President Powertrain Mechatronics
  • Dr. Wolf Baumann

    Dr. Wolf Baumann

    IAV Team Manager Development Methods
  • Dr. Mirko Knaak

    Dr. Mirko Knaak

    IAV Senior Technical Consultant


The addition of machine learning and big data to IAV's successful series of conferences on "DoE in powertrain development" has worked extremely well. The ninth conference thus had a greater focus on the future challenges of the digital revolution.

The specialist papers and discussions with international experts showed that the conference enjoys an outstanding reputation in the industry. It is therefore our pleasure today to invite you to join us once again in 2019 to forge ahead with various aspects of calibration and DoE.


  • QTronic

    QTronic is a leading provider of tools for virtual validation of automotive control software. The virtual ECU platform Silver builds accurate simulations of software controllers under Windows. Used to move tests from HiLs to PCs. TestWeaver is the test automation solution that includes a powerful test case generator, for higher test coverage at system level.