Full Systems and Subsystems

Whether gasoline, diesel, gaseous-fuel or electric drive – on our 44 engine dynamometers worldwide, we test engines with a critical eye for production suitability. It is here that development work takes place at the heart of the automobile: With the aim of constantly improving the combustion process in relation to performance, fuel consumption and exhaust emissions as well as cold-start behavior.

IAV’s in-house advance-development activities play a key part, too. Our developers test the latest findings and their own solutions in terms of practical benefit. The best innovations ultimately find their way into mass production development.

IAV uses high-quality measuring equipment. A high level of automation guarantees above-average efficiency. Conditioning systems and the air-circulation facility ensure clearly defined ambient conditions are maintained at every point in the test cell whatever the season. An elaborate setup, but one that ensures the highest level of accuracy and reproducibility.

Electric drives are increasingly moving into the focus of automobile engineering. Even now, IAV has a number of test benches for electric motors, with state-of-the-art simulators reproducing the character of any battery.

Optimum results can only be obtained if engine and transmission interact perfectly. Today, even a conventional powertrain is a highly complex affair – this being all the more true for vehicles with hybrid engines and all-wheel-drive systems. Our powertrain dynamometers give IAV’s engineers all the capabilities of optimizing this interaction through to the point of manufacturing readiness.

The quality of our testing facilities leaves no margin of doubt – our clients include almost all prominent automobile manufacturers.