Full Vehicle

State-of-the-art testing facilities for vehicles that are more efficient, cleaner and safer

Whether front, rear or all-wheel drive – our developers use roller dynamometers to optimize fuel economy and emission levels. But running through a defined test cycle is not enough. For test results to remain uncorrupted, it must be possible to reproduce the boundary conditions exactly – regardless of whether it is summer or winter outside the indoor testing facility. To make sure they can be, our roller dynamometers give us precise control over ambient temperature, air humidity and air pressure.

To get a vehicle ready for mass production, you need test results that come with the highest precision. At IAV, you can be sure they do.

One of our most important goals is to provide maximum safety for all road users. Intelligent lighting plays a key part. In our indoor light and vision facility, IAV developers work on modern headlamps and camera-based driver-assist systems. Here, we can simulate real-world conditions that meet precisely defined criteria to give us a conclusive assessment basis.

Over recent years, our 130-meter crash facility has allowed us and our development partners to play a part in shaping market standards for passive safety too. Our developers can crash vehicles into a 90-tonne block of concrete at up to 120 km/h. High-speed cameras deliver valuable findings that are channeled directly into the development process. Hardly any other engineering provider offers these capabilities.

Prototypes are expensive and rarely available in sufficient quantities. This is why our crash track is equipped with a deceleration sled system – with the collision merely being simulated. This enables our engineers to test children’s seats or safety belts, for instance, without wrecking the entire vehicle in the bargain.