Berlin Drives on Electric Power

07/07/2009 // Recharging Station Goes into Service at IAV

Berlin. The pilot phase of the "MINI E Berlin powered by Vattenfall" joint venture between the BMW Group and Vattenfall is now underway: 50 electrically powered MINI Es have been driving on Berlin's roads since June 22 – and from now on, they can now also "fill up" at IAV in Charlottenburg. The electric filling station just outside the entrance to IAV at number 41 Helmholtzstrasse went into service on July 1. The publicly accessible station is part of the recharging infrastructure being set up for the project by Vattenfall Europe. A total of 50 charging points will be provided for public use. Alongside the MINI E test vehicle, other electric cars can use them for charging their batteries too.

"IAV has been working on alternative and electric drives for over 15 years, so a recharging station makes an excellent addition to our operations here", explains Kurt Blumenröder, IAV President and CEO. In future, Vattenfall and IAV will be working together in the field of electromobility and benefit from each other's expertise.

In addition to recharging from the power socket, IAV is also looking at alternatives: At this year's Hanover fair, the company presented an electromobility concept that transfers energy on a contactless basis, providing a way of removing the greatest obstacle to introducing electric vehicles on a broad-scale basis.

The vision of the future: Working on the transformer principle, electric energy is transferred to the vehicle by induction without any contact: An electric conductor laid under the roadway generates a magnetic field. As the other part of the system, the underside of the vehicle is fitted with a pick-up in which the electric current is induced. As a result, the vehicle can be supplied with power for recharging the battery while traveling along or standing still. "To begin with, we are focusing on stationary recharging, say at traffic lights or on car parks", Blumenröder explains. But the idea would also work on expressways – individual sections of the road would suffice as charging stations. This would resolve the traveling-range problem associated with electric vehicles.


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