Car Lovers Wanted: IAV Launches Interactive Careers Portal on the Internet

06/27/2008 // Ingenieurgesellschaft Auto und Verkehr Advertising for New Staff at

Berlin, June 27, 2008. IAV’s new careers portal recently went online at It provides detailed information on all aspects of making a career at one of the automotive industry’s leading engineering partners. The spectrum ranges from job vacancies and practical tips on applying for jobs to information on our young executive scheme.

The company’s new careers portal addresses potential applicants wishing to start a career in the automotive industry. “We want IAV Inside to raise awareness for us and encourage qualified specialists with a fascination for automobiles to apply for a position at IAV. We can offer them unique opportunities to make their passion their profession,” says Monika Kopinke, head of human resources, commenting on the aims of the careers portal.

Personal Insights and Hard Facts

The portal’s name says it all: IAV Inside invites visitors to take a look behind the scenes at the engineering service provider. The focus is on members of staff – as the core of the company. From the mechanical engineering graduate from Leipzig who is gathering his first work experience at IAV’s US operation in Ann Arbor to the young Spanish-born woman who commutes between Gifhorn and Shanghai as process coordinator – a potpourri of interesting people that have one thing in common: They all share a passion for the automobile. Apprentices as well as senior professionals describe their personal experiences and motivation in numerous job portraits, illustrating the broad range of career opportunities at IAV. Visitors to the IAV Inside portal can also discover a thing or two about staff members in the “leisure” domain. Whether rally co-pilot in the “Schotter Cup” gravel rally championship or member of IAV’s ice-hockey team – IAV attaches huge importance to teambuilding.

Even though the focus at IAV Inside is clearly on personal insights, there is no shortage of hard facts. Clicking the “Company” option, the visitor will not only find a portrait of the company but also IAV’s most important facts and figures. Under the ‘Meet IAV’ heading, the engineering service provider also presents a calendar of events at which personal contacts can be made. On top of this, detailed coverage is given to the ‘Hermann Appel Prize” that is awarded once a year for outstanding dissertations and doctoral theses in the specialized fields of electronics, powertrain and vehicle development.

Job section has over 300 vacancies to offer

Anyone having “licked gas” after looking behind the scenes can hunt for his or her dream job at IAV from over 300 vacancies posted in the ‘Careers’ section. Here, it is possible to search simply on the basis of key words or make selections by entering criteria. The results link takes you straight to the detailed job ad with details on the right person to contact. This way, applicants can get in touch with IAV quickly and easily. In addition to job vacancies, they will also find tips and a wealth of background information. For instance, undergraduates can find out how to get student work at IAV, take a study internship or receive support with dissertations or study assignments.

About IAV

Employing over 3,000 members of staff across the globe, IAV is one of the leading providers of engineering services to the automotive industry. The company has been developing innovative concepts and technologies for future vehicle generations for 25 years. Our core competencies include perfected, production-ready solutions in all fields of powertrain, electronics and vehicle development. Our clients include all of the world premier automobile manufacturers. In addition to its headquarters in Berlin, IAV also operates from other locations in Europe, Asia as well as North and South America.