An Engine of Innovation for 25 Years

10/17/2008 // Berlin-Based Automobile Developer Celebrates Anniversary

IAV GmbH is 25 this yearIts The engineers at the Berlin-based engineering service provider have been developing innovations for automobile manufacturers across the globe since 1983, 3000-plus members of staff are currently working with a particular emphasis on sustainable future mobility: Hybrid drives, electric vehicles, new combustion processes, such as HCCI, and intelligent assistance systems provide the focus of activities at IAV’s four development centers in Germany (Berlin, Gifhorn, Chemnitz) and the USA (Ann Arbor).

Climate Protection is Currently the Dominant Issue

“At present, cutting CO2 emissions is the dominant issue in automotive development”, say IAV Presidents Kurt Blumenröder and Michael Schubert. “Whether downsizing, hybrid or lightweight – each discipline is contributing its share”. IAV has expertise in the entire vehicle: Its staff are experts in powertrains, electrics and electronics as well as vehicle development, ideally positioning them to support automobile manufacturers in developing energy-saving components and vehicles – from the idea to the start of production. Innovations for better protecting the environment already have a long tradition at IAV: Back in 1986 the company was involved in developing the “Eco-Polo” (consumption: 1.7 liters per 100 kilometers or 138.36 mpg) and the three-liter Lupo 3-l TDI car.

Partner to all Major Automobile Manufacturers and Component Suppliers

Today, IAV works with all of the world’s prominent car manufacturers and component suppliers and has operations on three continents. “The depth and breadth of our expertise are what make us so attractive to our clients – we never lose sight of the whole vehicle”, Blumenröder and Schubert say. “Our staff know all the necessary interfaces, are masters at intermeshing the disciplines involved and understand the consequences they have for the overall vehicle”. This knowledge is crucial to new vehicle concepts – for instance when it comes to making all-new electric-drive components suitable for in-vehicle application. In these projects, IAV functions as an interface between the established automobile manufacturers and a new group of suppliers, most of who are still without any know-how in developing vehicles.

Cutting-Edge Technology for the Best Solutions Possible

To reinforce its leading position as a development-service provider, IAV is investing in testing equipment, state-of-the-art workplaces and realistic testing environments for prototypes. These, for instance, include the company’s own crash facility, a new light laboratory, numerous test benches for engines and components as well as tools for virtual product development at the computer. Through in-house development activities and research projects, the company has also secured a lead over recent years in the knowledge required for tomorrow’s world of automotive development – such as in new homogeneous combustion processes (HCCI) or thermoelectric systems for recovering energy from exhaust gases.

Constantly Growing Staff Numbers and Encouragement for Young Talent

Worldwide IAV employs more than 3,000 members of staff, creating over 450 new jobs in 2007 alone. “As an independent development provider, we work for all the automobile manufacturers and component suppliers, giving our activities international dimension“, say Blumenröder and Schubert. “As a result, the challenges we face are complex yet also extremely diverse – this makes us particularly attractive as an employer”. This year too, the company will continue to grow and hire staff. IAV is also committed to supporting young engineering talent: Every year the company awards the “Hermann Appel Prize”, named after IAV’s founder, in support of outstanding dissertations and doctoral theses. "With the Hermann Appel Prize, our aim is to give future engineers the motivation to produce outstanding achievements and deepen the co-operation and partnership between science and industry", Blumenröder and Schubert comment.

About IAV GmbH:

With over 3,000 staff, IAV GmbH is one of the leading engineering partners to the international automotive industry. Alongside development centers in Berlin, Gifhorn, Chemnitz and Ann Arbor (USA), IAV has branches in Europe, Asia, North and South America. The company develops innovative ideas and takes them to mass production – in the fields of electronics, powertrain and vehicle development. IAV is working particularly hard on environment-friendly technologies for sustainable future mobility, such as hybrid and electric drives, as well as on innovative combustion processes for conventional and alternative fuels like compressed natural gas and hydrogen.