Even Now: Euro 5 Emission Limits For Cargo Vans Fueled By CNG

03/23/2009 // IAV's retrofit system meets new legal requirements – 25% lower CO2 emissions

IAV's retrofit system meets new legal req. – 25% lower CO<sub>2</sub> emissionsBerlin. With its new drive system fueled by compressed natural gas, IAV even today meets Euro 5 passenger-car emission limits in the cargo-van segment. In coordination with Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, IAV offers the VW Transporter with CNG drive, 14 different tank installation options plus original vehicle manufacturer's warranty.

Foreseeable rises in the price of conventional gasoline and diesel fuels along with tighter future emission ceilings, including lower CO2 levels, are demanding the development of alternative drive systems for the world's many different markets. As a quickly practicable approach, CNG drive systems are an attractive alternative: Compressed natural gas produces far fewer emissions than other fossil fuels and reduces the level of greenhouse gases emitted by as much as 25 percent. Operation on biogas can even make driving almost carbon-neutral. Besides using raw materials efficiently and costing far less than gasoline or diesel fuels, the CNG drive system is easy to handle and also provides very good driving performance. Compressed natural gas is not readily flammable and also lighter than air, making it one of the safest fuels there are.

IAV is Germany's largest provider of CNG conversions for Volkswagen vehicles. In addition to this, over 100,000 vehicles worldwide have been equipped with IAV's CNG concepts in cooperation with various automobile manufacturers. The company has been dedicated for 17 years to developing gaseous-fuel drives for mass production as well as converting extra-small batches of zero-mileage vehicles on a retrofit basis. In line with customer specifications, the CNG tanks are either integrated in the vehicle or accommodated under the floor to save space.

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