Flexible Real-Time Indication System from IAV

01/27/2010 // IAV-Indicar Computes Heat-Release Development and Combustion Characteristics

The portable IAV-Indicar indication system with real-time signal-processing capaBerlin. Launching IAV-Indicar, IAV (Ingenieurgesellschaft Auto und Verkehr) adds a new indication system to its range of measuring instruments. The compact IAV-Indicar is a portable indication system capable of real-time signal processing for computing heat-release development and combustion characteristics.

Each recording module is able to record as many as eight cylinder-pressure signals with cycle accuracy and process them under thermodynamic aspects. All modules provide twelve differential analog inputs. Eight of them are sampled at 400kHz, four at 1kHz. 16-bit resolution is common to all channels. Using up to three modules of this type, IAV-Indicar can indicate as many as 24 cylinders. Real-time signal processing delivers thermodynamic results for each combustion cycle within a very short time and in various formats. The ready-made thermodynamic blocksets that come with the system can be used for computation. Additionally, users can define their own algorithms in Matlab/Simulik. Also included is tried and proven FI2RE Commander software for configuration and data recording. The IAV-Indicar also features interfaces for transferring gathered data to calibration tools, such as INCA and CANape.

Flexibility and compact design make the IAV-Indicar suitable for a variety of tasks on the test bench or in the vehicle where it is quickly ready for use, particularly as a result of its small size, low weight and being immediately ready to operate after "terminal 15 ON".

IAV-Indicar has its origins in the search for a tool to develop engine management systems based on cylinder pressure. As there was no tool available on the market that satisfied the need for real-time operation, was suitable for in-vehicle use and could be programmed by the user, IAV decided to develop one of its own. "IAV-Indicar provides us with a further tool that enables our customers and ourselves to respond quickly and reliably to the constantly changing tasks we face", says Ralf Gratzke, head of the Powertrain Management department at IAV.