IAV develops client-solutions for commercial vehicles on the basis of Intel® Low Power Architecture

09/14/2007 // IAV agreed with the worlds largest semiconductor manufacturer Intel to extend the world-wide unique series of the Car Communication Terminal "TeleDrive®".

TeleDrive®IAA 2007 is still in full sway, with the automobile industry and a huge audience meeting against a backdrop of many attractions, but Intel and IAV are already working on preparing IAA Commercial Vehicles 2008. IAV has agreed with the world's largest semiconductor manufacturer, Intel, on adding a next generation open Windows CE platform for commercial vehicles, based on Intel's Low Power Architecture to its unique range of "TeleDrive" Car Communication Terminals. Initial products based on the new platform are scheduled for launching before end of year 2008.

The increasing numbers of applications and online services in the field of logistics and commercial applications make it increasingly important to have a powerful and open standardized platform in the vehicle. Intel's new Low Power Architecture provides the best approach to implement the platform.

"Intel architecture opens up completely new business models and options to the logistics industry. Client/server models and processes, which established themselves many years ago in many other industries, are now finding their way into commercial vehicles such as trucks, delivery vehicles, service vehicles, customized vehicles, and municipal service vehicles in the form of open standards-based, mobile client/server connections", says Hannes Schwaderer, CEO Intel GmbH Germany

IAV's TeleDrive, which is based on the Intel Xscale platform, heralded the first generation of car communication terminals. The next generation TeleDrive based on the new Intel Low Power Architecture is scheduled for late 2008. The IAV Car Communication Terminal model will add value to vehicle fleets by supporting online connections between vehicles and the operator's back office with industry-specific applications.

"High-tech solutions like TeleDrive thus provide the perfect vehicle-based client for the integrated applications in today's ERP systems", says IAV CEO, Kurt Blumenröder. "IAV will be developing powerful and scaleable solutions based on this technology for deployment in vehicles world wide. Our decision to opt for the Intel's open platform is taking us a huge step closer to the vision of convergence between telematics and enterprise IT systems."

"As the rapid increase in demand for TeleDrive from drivers, small companies, mid-range companies and global players in the logistics industry at Transportlogistik 2007 in Munich, Germany, clearly demonstrated that the demand for fast and efficient data transfer to and from the vehicle has entered a new phase." explains Christian Müller-Bagehl, the CEO of IAV Products GmbH which is responsible for TeleDrive sales.

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