IAV Receives AEI Tech Award for Gaseous-Fuel Control Unit

05/06/2009 // New Gaseous-Fuel Control Unit Allows Gasoline Concepts to Switch to Bivalent Operation

IAV Receives AEI Tech Award for Gaseous-Fuel Control UnitThe new control unit concept developed by IAV for gaseous-fuel drives received the AEI Tech Award at this year's SAE 2009 World Congress at the end of April in Detroit, USA. Given by Automotive Engineering International (AEI) magazine, the AEI Tech Award goes to the most innovative products from exhibiting companies.

The gas slave control unit from IAV provides the capability of upgrading almost all gasoline concepts for bivalent gaseous-fuel operation at low cost and without modifying the existing master control unit.

In IAV's newly developed concept, the original engine control unit works in conjunction with the slave control unit. The signals for actuating the gasoline injectors are first fed to the control unit for the gaseous-fuel drive. A high-precision analysis unit processes the signals and computes the necessary adjustments – i.e. the optimum gaseous-fuel injection times – which, depending on operating point, may differ from the values for gasoline operation. Here, IAV's electronics use the sensor values from the original engine management system as well as additional parameters, such as pressure and temperature in the gas rail. By combining the existing engine control unit with the slave control unit, the original gasoline calibration is left unchanged. This allows manufacturers to use the same gaseous-fuel slave control unit for different engine versions.

Extremely efficient hardware forms the basis for the gaseous-fuel control unit: The microcomputer it uses is specialized in high-speed floating-point arithmetic and can be programmed fully automatically using an autocode generator. This ensures rapid adjustments to new functionalities and short times to market. Open system interfaces allow the hardware to be combined with many EMS components and systems.

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