Strategic Cooperation Agreement between IAV and ETAS

05/09/2010 // Guided Calibration Using the CaliAV Software Tool

 Uwe Hillmann (ETAS) and Stefan Schmidt (IAV) after signing tRepresentatives of IAV and ETAS signed a strategic cooperation agreement last Decem-ber on using CaliAV as a platform for guided calibration. The arrangement aims to enhance and further improve efficiency in calibrating control units.

The CaliAV software provides the user with the capability of standardizing and automa-ting control unit calibration. Benefiting from intuitive guidance, users learn how to handle the tool in hardly any time at all. CaliAV works with graphic symbols dragged and drop-ped from a type of virtual toolbox to produce a flow chart. Each of these symbols denotes a method directly related to calibrating and optimizing control unit parameters. Chosen variables are accessed by means of the INCA calibration tool from ETAS. CaliAV takes any task modeled in the form of a flow diagram as the basis for generating an execut-able script automatically controlled by INCA. Processes thus created can be filed in a library where they are made available to other users.

The level of standardization attained using CaliAV provides full command of complex calibration processes, improving the reproducibility of results and enhancing calibration quality. Standardizing and automating calibration also boosts efficiency by reducing the use of test vehicles. CaliAV provides the user with a homogeneous and perfectly struc-tured calibration process. Developed by IAV in recent years, CaliAV has already been employed in several projects.

Jointly marketed by ETAS and IAV Products, version 2.0 of CaliAV has been available since the beginning of 2010.