Vision Electromobility 2050 – Uncompromising Electric Driving

04/17/2009 // Hanover Fair: IAV presents viable technologies for next-generation industry

Vision Elektromobilität 2050Electric mobility without any travel range restrictions: One possible approach to implementing this vision is being presented at the Hanover Fair by the engineering company IAV, Ingenieurgesellschaft Auto und Verkehr, with the concept of non-contact energy transmission. Using the transformer principle, electrical energy is transmitted by induction to the vehicle without any contact. And so the engine can be supplied with power and the battery recharged both while the vehicle is running and when it is at a standstill, without needing plugs or connectors. On condition that the necessary infrastructure is available, stationary recharging can take place for example in a private garage or car park or while standing at the traffic lights, while dynamic recharging on the motorway would solve the range problem.

This progressive high-tech form of uncompromising electromobility is presented by IAV as part of the special show "VISION 2050 – Smart ideas for next-generation industry" at the Hanover Fair, exhibiting application-oriented, viable developments and visions in the industrial sector. Compact, experience-driven exhibition didactics "take" visitors to the year 2050 and arouse their awareness for potential technological innovations when it comes to "energy, mobility and efficiency".

Using energy more efficiently with the help of thermoelectric effects

One of the prime challenges for tomorrow's industrial society will be to use energy more efficiently. Efficiency can be enhanced by reducing losses. When converting energy, such losses occur primarily as heat at and in the vehicle, for example as hot exhaust. IAV shows a heat exchanger that converts this heat energy directly into electricity, using thermoelectric generators. There are no moving parts in thermoelectric generators which are flexibly scalable in terms of power and size. They can be used wherever there are differences in temperature. It is thus possible to recover heat losses and to ensure that energy in the vehicle or in a combined heat and power unit is used to the full.

Electricity without rotation

IAV's third contribution is a guest paper by Universal Motor Corporation GmbH (UMC). The company is a spin-off of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and presents the first components for the free-piston linear generator. The free-piston linear generator converts fuel such as petrol and natural gas directly into electrical energy. The compact unit consisting of a combustion cylinder, a linear generator and a gas spring for resetting the piston can be used for many different purposes; it has flex-fuel properties, and its unique combination of variable compression at the same time as variable displacement permits high efficiency levels over the whole operating range.

About IAV GmbH

IAV is a leading engineering partner for the automotive industry with a workforce of more than 3,000 employees worldwide. For 25 years now, the company has been developing innovative concepts and technologies for future generations of vehicles. The core areas of expertise include production-ready solutions covering all aspects of electronic, powertrain and vehicle development. The customer base includes all renowned carmakers and suppliers worldwide. Together with the development centers in Berlin, Gifhorn and Chemnitz, IAV also has other sites in Europe and Asia, North and South America.