IAV to Demonstrate Connected Technologies and Vehicle Security at CES® 2017

12/19/2016 // A journey towards digital mobility and autonomous technology through collaborative partnerships with Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Concardis

Northville, Mich., Dec. 19, 2016 – IAV Automotive Engineering, Inc., a leading engineering services firm, will demonstrate its latest connected driving solutions at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES®). Prior to its participation at CES, IAV developed numerous partnerships across the IT and automotive industries to expand its already extensive Cloud-based data knowledge. IAV’s presence at the convention showcases the company’s increasing capability to integrate complex mobility and productivity solutions, positioning it as an industry leader.

Connected cloud solutions

Recognizing the importance of complete connectivity behind the wheel, IAV partnered with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) to intelligently link a CUPRA to an HPE cloud. The CUPRA, also known as the “Cloud Car,” can communicate directly with the driver and surrounding motorists, and will be on display at an outdoor track near the Las Vegas Convention Center. At the track, visitors will have the opportunity to explore many of the vehicle’s features and take complete control of the car through an IAV-provided tablet. Once a participant’s loop around the course has concluded, HPE will generate a snapshot of overall vehicle and driver performance with information collected from the cloud. Personalized journey data will then be sent directly from the Cloud Car and made available on the driver’s mobile device via WhatsApp or email.

Along with the autonomy of the Cloud Car are biometric sensors that adapt to the changing needs of its occupants. Vehicle-based or wearable, these sensors enhance the driving experience by configuring seat adjustment, lighting and the infotainment needs of each passenger.

While the presentation will focus heavily on the passengers’ personalized and connected journey, IAV will also address the key role security plays in travel. The Cloud Car is equipped with a specially developed universal control unit (UCU) for added data security that will illustrate how a car utilizing wireless media (Wi-Fi, LTE and Bluetooth) can be protected from a cyber attack. Available through an added app on the IAV-provided tablet, visitors will be given various security simulations addressing data authenticity, integrity, availability and privacy. The Cloud Car demo expertly highlights how features, like cloud connectivity, will seamlessly link the digital world through personal mobility and autonomous driving.

“We are thrilled to share the partnerships and solutions we have made in developing the mobility, safety and connected vehicle solutions of tomorrow,” said Andy Ridgway, president of IAV Region Americas. “CES gives us the opportunity to showcase our valuable and strategic collaborations, like the one we’ve developed with HPE, on an international level. This is just the beginning of realizing how different industries, such as IT and automotive companies, can successfully cooperate to achieve advancements in intelligent transportation.”

Vehicle comfort and connectivity

Employing a sophisticated approach to connectivity, HPE and IAV implemented HPE’s Universal Internet of Things (IoT) platform and an HPE Edgeline micro gateway to demonstrate advanced driver assistance services (ADAS) on a BMW i3. Utilizing the HPE Universal IoT system, the vehicle is able to connect and control all internal systems and sensors through server-based bidirectional gateways. The solution allows the BMW i3 to carry out ongoing communications with numerous interfaces, as well as handle large quantities of data that assist in improving drive efficiency and innovation. The BMW i3 demo will be available for visitors to experience vehicle connectivity through the HPE and IAV IoT platform.

“Cars, now more than ever before, need to be connected to each other, to city infrastructure, to homes and to new connected services that improve safety, quality of life and save us time,” commented Nigel Upton, Universal IoT general manager at HPE. “The new advanced mobility services are the tip of the iceberg in showing our customers what is to come. IAV and HPE have the engineering passion to build the future and we are delighted to join IAV at CES.” 

Convenient shopping experience – The MarketPlace organizes everything

Realizing that comfort and economy of time have become central to the overall driving experience, IAV has continued to position itself as a pioneer of vehicle connectivity and accessibility. IAV partners with Concardis, one of Europe’s leading payment service providers to showcase a secure and easy way to shop and process transactions on the road. By leveraging IAV's automotive know-how and the unique expertise of Concardis, the companies are able to work together to realize innovative technical solutions that make future-oriented visions come true. Together at CES, IAV and Concardis are converting the car into a digital market place: drivers can accumulate wishes in the cloud, shop from the driver’s seat and collect it all directly – just while driving.

The AutoMotive MarketPlace will repurpose driving time into personal time by offering a new, convenient way for consumers to shop and run errands while traveling and make the most of their time in the car. The MarketPlace compares customer wishes with current offerings of local retailers in the vicinity and along the route – no matter the location, MarketPlace notifies the driver of corresponding offers. Spontaneous wishes are expressed simply en route by voice input, and within a few minutes the car navigates straight to the nearest retailer. Secure and guaranteed payment has already been made via an integrated payment service provider, minimalizing waiting and collection time in the shop. The AutoMotive MarketPlace is integrated in the vehicle for secure, intuitive and legal use while driving. Booth visitors will have the opportunity to experience the AutoMotive MarketPlace on a demo vehicle.

In addition, for the second year IAV will join presenting partner, NetRange, to showcase real time connected entertainment solutions currently being prepared for volume production. Highlighted within the presentation is OS.CAR, an in-car digital platform that easily integrates into any vehicle, providing an extensive entertainment selection for the driver and its passengers.  

“With the diversity of technological progress and demand for fully autonomous vehicles intensifying, it is imperative we continue to position ourselves as a global player in the automotive world,” said Kurt Blumenröder, president and CEO of IAV GmbH. “Our participation at CES will make it apparent that we provide a range of autonomous expertise from the initial concept and beyond that’s unmatched anywhere else.”

CES brings more than 3,800 exhibitors together to display the latest consumer services and technology products. Annually, more than 160,000 attendees visit the event to experience the products being exhibited, conference program, networking opportunities and special activities. The show runs Jan. 5-8, 2017, in Las Vegas.

IAV and partner representatives will be available on-site at booth NP-13 in the Las Vegas Convention Center North Plaza and at an outdoor track to discuss specific technical areas and highlight the benefits of these unique collaborations. For more information about IAV’s participation, visit https://www.iav.com/en/ces.

About IAV in North America:

IAV Group is an engineering and technical consultancy servicing the global automotive industry with approximately 6,500 employees worldwide and more than 30 years of experience. As a recognized leader in the specification, design, development, validation and production launch of advanced vehicle and powertrain systems, IAV Automotive Engineering deploys a leading team of technical experts, engineering tools and program processes from its North American Headquarters in Northville, Michigan.