IAV Highlights Digital Mobility Solutions at CES 2019

01/02/2019 // IAV Automotive Engineering, Inc., a leading engineering services firm, will exhibit an array of innovative digital mobility solutions that address the entertainment, service and safety needs of autonomous vehicle occupants at CES 2019 in Las Vegas. Among the displays will be an optimized passenger compartment, camera-based authentication and data-preservation technologies, remote diagnostic tool, and side-window entertainment showcase.

On-site demonstrations to focus on automotive safety, comfort, entertainment

“The driving experience is poised to dramatically change as we continue to see the automotive industry shift in favor of connected and autonomous vehicles,” said Carsten Rinka, Global Sales Director at IAV. “In the future, vehicle occupants will be less focused on the destination and more focused on making meaningful use of the journey. At IAV, we’re developing cutting-edge technologies to make tomorrow’s commute as comfortable, convenient, entertaining and safe as possible.” 

The following technology demonstrations can be seen at IAV’s CES 2019 booth.

IAV Coquille
Developed as a space in the passenger compartment, the company’s seating solution – the IAV Coquille – can be adjusted for any individual to provide optimal safety and comfort. The concept incorporates a four-point safety belt system, in addition to a half-dozen decentralized airbags positioned throughout the compartment to provide passenger head, face, thorax, pelvis and leg protection. Users also have access to countless settings, such as air conditioning, seat position and ambiance adjustments that can be preconfigured through a personal identification profile based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). Additionally, a curved display is available for entertainment and the personal identification tool allows an authorized passenger to intervene in the steering of the vehicle as needed.

At CES, the demo will include animations and a virtual-reality application that allows visitors to experience the technology for themselves.

Vehicle Occupant Sensors
Together with FaceTec Inc., IAV will present an alternative approach to biometric systems that utilize fingerprint-based access. To overcome challenges from injured or soiled fingers that pose a problem for fingerprint-based systems, IAV and FaceTec’s passenger detection utilizes mobile and stationary camera solutions. FaceTec’s ZoOm software, which uses a patented 3D face scanning process with a 2D camera to ensure the intended user is present, is paired with the cameras. Once the person being scanned is successfully identified, the vehicle automatically adjusts to their individual riding preferences including favorite music channels, preferred temperature and seat positions. This approach offers the advantage of ensuring only authorized drivers start and/or operate the vehicle, something that is appealing to insurance companies.

Digital Service Assistant
The Digital Service Assistant (DiSA) is a cloud-based platform, which allows for remote auto service and the transmission of information from the vehicle to a remote service center. It automatically reports select vehicle information including diagnostic trouble codes, live measurement data and service history data to a remotely operating technician or expert. Information and resulting communication is processed through a communication interface connecting the customer’s smartphone to the technician.

At CES, the DiSA platform will be demonstrated in a demo vehicle through a malfunctioning electric trunk scenario. After a remote diagnostics check of the vehicle’s devices and an end-to-end check of the smartphone-vehicle-backend chain, the expertwill conclude which defective part is causing the failure. The driver is then asked to check the part and is given the chance to exchange the part through an augmented reality supported self-help function on this smartphone.

Side Window Entertainment
IAV is transforming the vehicles’ side windows into an in-vehicle entertainment platform for office applications, providing information about the surroundings, playing games, watching movies and more. The CES showcase will demonstrate the appearance and functionality of the Side Window Entertainment concept by displaying a simulated drive through Berlin. Though stationary in the demo, in the real world the car would be driving while an outside camera films and a 3D interior camera monitors what the passenger sees. Touch points are marked across the window through a transparent OLED display, and when the passenger presses a touch point, information about the object or landmark being passed appears. The side window concept also offers the ability to connect with other cars to play games as well as capture “screenshots” through the side window.

IAV Maskin
IAV developed IAV Maskin to meet data protection regulations in countries such as Germany or California while keepimg the value of the data. The company’s innovative approach uses AI to detect important attributes, including line of sight and facial expressions, and to create a synthetic face to protect the person’s identity while retaining the information detected. . IAV Maskin helps prevent drastic information losses and errors in image detection in order to enable the development and use of camera-based systems for driver assistance and monitoring infrastructures.

The demo at CES will have a camera actively tracking visitors as they walk past the booth and IAV Maskin will alienate in real time, allowing visitors to see their own faces made anonymous.

IAV Booth
CES occurs Jan. 8-11, 2019, in Las Vegas. IAV will be on-site at booth 721/821 in Tech East at the Westgate Paradise Center. For more information on IAV’s participation at CES 2019, visit www.iav.com/en/ces.