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The transport volume is increasing, the growing online trade and the individualization of the end customer business require flexible and economical solutions. That's why our focus topic is on the commercial vehicle industry and the possibilities of connectivity. Their broad technologies in a variety of areas allow us to experience the future today. More in this issue.
Climate protection and the associated reduction in CO2 emissions are major topics for the automotive industry. That is why our focus topic is on future powertrains and energy sources. Pre-chamber ignition plays a role here, but artificial intelligence methods are also closely linked to future visions and solutions. More in this issue.
Seamless connection of digital world and personal mobility is at the focus of this issue. Tomorrow’s driver wants to be connected in the best way possible. For many of the new digital services, artificial intelligence will take on increasing significance. We are also feeling the trend towards digitalization in the development process. Increasingly, our engineers are working with the methods of virtual engineering, making it a not-too distant possibility to carry out development work with very few or even no prototypes at all.


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