• Driver’s Cab for Tomorrow

    Under EU Directive 2015/719, truck cabs will be allowed to get longer – if this can improve aerodynamics and pedestrian safety. In the commercial vehicle segment, this change has caused quite a stir. Numerous OEMs are already working on design studies. IAV is developing its own concept that meets EU requirements and takes account of the numerous interrelationships with other disciplines.Today, the frontal area of a truck’s cab produces a high (...). More

    Driver’s Cab for Tomorrow
  • Green Logistics on the Last Mile

    No logistics without trucks. But are there any trucks without emissions? This is precisely what IAV is working on with partners in the funded eJIT project. Two electrically driven semitrailer trucks are to demonstrate that the eco-friendly drive system is also suitable for transporting freight. The two e-trucks will be on the road between Zwickau and Leipzig from as early as 2017. One of them will even be fitted with assistance systems for highly (...). More

    Green Logistics on the Last Mile
  • Gaseous-Fuel Engines For More Eco-Friendly Ships

    Engine management based on cylinder pressure makes gaseous-fuel engines on ships more efficient without any negative impact on nitrogen oxide emissions. Studies by IAV and manufacturers of large-bore engines show that this approach permits highly efficient operation of the engine near to its mechanical load limit. Operating all cylinders on equal terms is also recommended in terms of performance.The maritime sector has its equivalent to urban (...). More

    Gaseous-Fuel Engines For More Eco-Friendly Ships
  • A Whole Universe Full of Possibilities

    IAV‘s unique powertrain synthesis gives OEMs an objective basis for taking fundamental strategic decisions about their future vehicle fleet. The method analyzes all powertrain components in an integrated way to obtain the global optimum in terms of efficiency, costs and performance, right through to producing complete modular solutions from millions of possible technology variants. The huge potential of this new method has been verified by initial (...). More

    A Whole Universe Full of Possibilities
  • Stable Connection

    Dead spot or defect in the car? This question will probable occur more frequently in future, with increasing numbers of vehicle functions depending on a reliable wireless connection and constant availability of IT backend systems. IAV has test benches and the necessary know-how to validate new services and track down problems.Until recently, vehicles were self-contained systems that were not constantly linked to their surroundings. But in future, (...). More

    Stable Connection
  • Transferring Technology to Promote the Energy Transition

    Renewable energy harvested from wind or the sun fluctuates widely and cannot be matched to today’s power consumption. For this reason, intermediate storage systems will be needed in future that reconcile supply with demand. This is where hydrogen lends itself as an energy carrier. IAV has teamed up with partners to work on an alkaline water electrolyzer with an output of 100 kilowatts that is to benefit from automotive development.Today, central (...). More

    Transferring Technology to Promote the Energy Transition
  • Reliably Meeting Future RDE Limits

    Unlike test cycles, such as NEDC or WLTC, measurements based on real driving emissions (RDE) prescribe no set speed-load profiles. The vehicle still has to meet the average emission limits of the WLTC. IAV is addressing this new challenge with additional software control layers: The emission coordinator sets targets for engine control and exhaust gas aftertreatment control, making sure that the demanded real driving emissions are met.The new RDE (...). More

    Reliably Meeting Future RDE Limits
  • Looking at the Full Picture for a Fair Comparison

    What impact does a vehicle with a specific powertrain have on the environment? To date, this has mostly involved looking at the emissions produced while driving. Yet this approach does not go far enough: The life cycle assessment (LCA) shows that while the vehicle is used, attention also needs to be focused on the provision of fuel and also on the process of manufacturing and recycling vehicles. Increasingly, results of this type are also of interest (...). More

    Looking at the Full Picture for a Fair Comparison
  • Maximum Voltage, Maximum Safety

    With their high-performance high-voltage batteries, hybrid and electric vehicles could also supply external power consumers. However, handling 400 volts is somewhat more complicated than connecting up to the 12-volt vehicle electric system through the cigarette lighter. This is why IAV has developed flexPi: The universal high-voltage interface for the vehicle is not only safe but also bidirectional – and, among other things, suitable for connecting (...). More

    Maximum Voltage, Maximum Safety
  • Service and After-Sales in the Age of the Digital Revolution

    Service and Aftersales

    The digital revolution in the automotive industry is opening up fascinating, lucrative opportunities for service and after-sales. But the manufacturers and suppliers will have to develop new skills and expertise to tap into this potential and learn how to cooperate in networks and across different line organizations. Consulting4Drive develops tailor-made digital business models and implements them with IAV in suitable solutions for volume (...). More

    Service and After-Sales in the Age of the Digital Revolution
  • Apps in Volume Production

    Since 2010, IAV has consolidated its expertise and tools in the Automotive App Competence Center (AACC). The experts develop mobile applications for Android, iOS and Windows platforms – from concept, design and implementation to publication and regular updates. Various reference projects demonstrate the broad range of competences in the IAV team.Integrating apps and mobile devices is increasingly becoming a key differentiating factor for automobile (...). More

    Apps in Volume Production
  • Highly Automated Driving: Both Safe and Comfortable

    Automated Driving: Safe and Comfortable

    Highly automated driving is one of the most important innovations in the automotive industry. Many OEMs, component suppliers, IT companies and startups are working on solutions that are translating automated driving into products. IAV is helping its customers with innovative concepts and methods to make safe and comfortable highly automated driving some- thing that the consumer can soon experience too.Whatever happens, just don’t cause an accident! (...). More

    Highly Automated Driving: Both Safe and Comfortable
  • At your side through the Coming Revolutions

    Mobility is changing: What we take for granted today was inconceivable a hundred years ago. And the industry is facing major changes in the future too – as a result of autonomous driving, for instance, and the associated changes in established business models. This is why IAV is addressing new mobility services while using its vast expertise from automotive development.Although it has only been around for a few years, car-sharing is taken for (...). More

    At your side through the Coming Revolutions

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  • 12/28/2018 - 4:31pm - IAV to pay $35M in emissions-cheating scandal
  • 12/26/2018 - 4:30pm - IAV Brings Us Interactive Side Windows in Cars

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