More efficiency in the development process: IAV optimizes the IAV Primero

IAV optimizes IAV Primero, a central fault simulation tool for signal trimming of lambda sensors, thus providing a future-proof tool.

IAV Primero Gen. 2.0. detects ageing effects and defects in the sensor and warns if the prescribed limit values are exceeded.

Statutory emission regulations require effective technology solutions. In order for fuel to burn optimally and with low emissions in the combustion engine, the oxygen content of the fuel-air mixture must be continuously adjusted to the engine operating point. The lambda sensor is a central component in this emission-relevant control system, the function of which must be monitored over the entire service life of the vehicle using on-board diagnostics (OBD).

“With the new generation of the IAV Primero, we are taking a significant step towards optimized fault detection and correction for lambda sensors”, explains Kevin Schössow, Sales Manager at IAV. “Our customers benefit from a simple yet extremely effective method of simulating aging effects and defects in the lambda sensor and adapting on-board diagnostics early on in the development process, thereby avoiding potential problems with emission-related functions in the vehicle.”

IAV’s fault simulation tool enables the complex signal processing of the lambda sensor to be distorted in a simple way. This allows a lambda sensor signal to be fed to the OBD algorithms in the engine control unit, which is modified by freely configurable fault patterns. The advantage: the effectiveness of the OBD diagnostics can be verified in their unchanged series condition and demonstrated as part of the vehicle registration process using IAV Primero.

Numerous new product features

The new generation of the IAV Primero offers customers additional features, such as greater robustness against electromagnetic interference (EMI), finer fault pattern control thanks to more precise tuning of the heater resistors, and the option of carrying out an OBD test on the vehicle in future.


The hardware of the Primero 2.0 has been developed from scratch to ensure support for current and future lambda sensors and drives. The IAV Primero 2.0 is therefore currently the only fault simulation tool on the market that supports the new Bosch OSIC sensors. Software updates will enable us to add support for further lambda sensors and drivers in the future.

The IAV Primero can be easily integrated into the signal path between the lambda sensor and the engine control unit in any vehicle environment via the universal wiring harness. The system enables the simultaneous control of a linear and a binary sensor and is conveniently controlled via the control unit. The test sequence can also be automated so that Primero can also be used in endurance tests. The data generated is seamlessly integrated into the existing application environment via the existing CAN interface, for example with ETAS INCA.

Of course, Primero 2.0 also supports this. This enables smooth integration into existing vehicle projects and significantly reduces the implementation effort.

Experience the new IAV Primero GEN 2.0 at the Automotive Testing Expo in Stuttgart at our stand 1404 in hall 10.

The Berlin-based technology company recently transferred sales activities for the IAV Primero for the global market to its long-standing business partner KOCH Consulting + Export GmbH & Co. KG.