Smart Solutions for the Automotive Aftermarket

Smart Tooling Hub

Workshop processes can be simplified by automating technical systems and integrating modern IT technologies, The focus here is on reliable functionality, smooth interaction of workshop equipment and tools as well as their automation and work documentation. The IAV Smart Tooling Hub combines the universal integration, usability, and linking of intelligent tools from different manufacturers in a single system. A cloud connection additionally enables a wide range of synergies for generating an end-to-end digital customer service workflow in after-sales.
Contact: Manuel Jorek

More smart solutions …

AI-based Acoustic Diagnostics

Unusual noises while driving often make passengers feel insecure and alarmed. IAV has developed an AI-based solution that automatically detects wear and upcoming problems through acoustic evaluation.
Drivers, fleet providers, workshops, and vehicle manufacturers all benefit from automated acoustic diagnostics of abnormal vehicle noises. Critical audio signals are recorded via the microphones installed as standard in the vehicle and processed and analyzed in a powerful cloud. Further applications such as the targeted recording of error noises via smartphone in the workshop or for quality assurance of vehicle production are not only thinkable but are already being implemented.
Contact: Dr. Alexander Roy

Remote Service Monitor

The remote service monitor adds an important component to DISA, the digital service assistant from IAV, with its tools for workshop management or AR-supported repairs.
The full-fledged dashboard supports service technicians in remote diagnostics and integrates functions such as reading out a vehicle’s diagnostic data or performing end-2-end diagnostics and it enables a wide range of predictive findings – also in comparison with other vehicles or entire fleets. The resulting additional services can be offered proactively and partly automated so that a workshop visit that would otherwise be necessary can be avoided.
Contact: Christof Dorn

Future Workshop 4.0

Knowledge transfers are the basis for the development of holistic solution models. This applies to all areas of automotive development. When different approaches and points of view come together, this not only fertilizes the results. Research networks help to keep pace and support each other on the way to better mobility. Therefore, IAV relies on close exchange with universities, research cooperations and is involved in innovative platforms such as the Future Workshop 4.0.

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