IAV the Tech Solution Provider

As one of the globally leading engineering partners, IAV develops the mobility of the future. Regardless of the specific manufacturer, our engineering proves itself in vehicles and technologies all over the world.

About us
With more than 40 years of experience and an unsurpassed range of expertise, we combine the best of many different worlds: automotive and IT, hardware and software, products and services. With our workforce of more than 7,600 employees and first-class technical resources, we help our customers to implement their projects, from the concept right through to SOP. Our goal: better mobility.

IAV offers outstanding engineering expertise and combines the best of many different worlds.


Our success is based on a workforce of more than 8,200 employees, most of them engineers.

>837 mln
Annual sales

Annual sales of more than € 837 million highlight the scope in which we provide our services, from customized solutions on the local scale through to major international volume production projects.


We have been taken innovations reliably to the level of manufacturing readiness for more than 40 years. After starting as a spin-off from Berlin University of Technology, today IAV is one of the world's largest engineering companies.


ICE Lifecycle & Hybrid Powertrain

From concept to production readiness, IAV has the tech expertise and methodical know-how to develop and validate highly efficient ICE and hybrid propulsion systems. We combine conventional propulsion components, an ICE and transmission with e-parts, e-motor and battery and integrate them into a system designed to meet CO2 emission targets. As we aim to become a Tech Solution Provider, we help our customers bring green and sustainable propulsion solutions quickly to market.

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Software Systems & Connectivity

A new ecosystem consisting of vehicles and their surrounding infrastructure is evolving. Connectivity enables new functions that will improve road safety and traffic efficiency. IAV brings a wealth of development experience and devises new functions and software packages. Our software development is based on AUTOSAR. More than 800 software engineers and 25 years of experience guarantee innovative solutions from a single source.


IAV brings vast technical knowledge, benchmarks and processes to solve the challenges that an expedited shift to electric propulsion has created for our customers. We master the entire development chain from e-motor, power electronics and battery management system to charging infrastructure and its connection to the energy grid. Our expertise covers vehicles, power grids and data communication. IAV is your partner of choice for end-to-end solutions ranging from prototyping to integration and testing.

Battery Development
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H2 Fuel Cell Technology

No matter whether as storage medium for green electricity, energy carrier in industry or to power cars via ICE or fuel cells – hydrogen has multiple potentials and will play a key role in promoting the decarbonization of industry. IAV has long been working on the development of hydrogen-based mobility and energy infrastructure-related technologies and is active at almost every point of the hydrogen value chain. From generating hydrogen to storage, distribution and final use – IAV is your partner of choice.