Battery Develop­ment

As a tech solution provider and a paramount leader in battery technology, our team is sculpting the future of energy storage solutions. Unbound by brand affiliations, our engineering expertise manifests in advanced battery systems across the globe. Delve into our portfolio to witness the synthesis of precision, innovation, and safety that defines our contribution to the evolving landscape of mobility.

Our Portfolio

Cell/Module Characterization

  • Specification Profiling: Comprehensive evaluation of cell and module parameters to meet project-specific requirements.
  • Benchmark Analysis: Methodical comparison against industry standards to ensure a competitive edge.
  • Market Surveillance: Systematic observation of market trends to align our offerings with current demands.
  • Advanced Cell Simulation: Employing sophisticated simulation tools for accurate cell behavior prediction.
  • Calibration & Modeling: Precise calibration techniques coupled with advanced modeling for real-world reliability.

Battery Function Development

  • Systematic Functional Architecture: Tailored design and development of Battery Management Systems (BMS) and associated functionalities.
  • Controller Modules & Interfaces: Specialized Battery Management Controllers (BMC), Cell Management Controllers (CMC), Battery Junction Boxes (BJB), and interfaces for seamless system integration.
  • Safety Compliance: Comprehensive safety analysis in strict accordance with ISO 26262 standards.

Battery-System / Components

  • Requirement-Driven Specifications: Customized component engineering based on rigorous specification and requirement analysis.
  • Mechanical Design, Testing & Simulation: Advanced computational techniques for robust mechanical integrity.
  • Electrical Design, Testing & Simulation: Precision-driven electrical circuitry design validated through simulation.
  • Thermal Design, Testing & Simulation: Utilization of advanced simulation tools for optimized thermal management.


  • Supplier Quality Management: Rigorous supplier evaluation processes to ensure component quality and reliability.
  • Qualification Procedures: Multi-stage validation techniques to ensure compliance with industry standards.
  • Test Management: Comprehensive planning and execution of test protocols for quality assurance.
  • Prototype Production: State-of-the-art rapid prototyping capabilities for iterative development.
  • Vehicle Integration & Testing: Specialized processes for seamless and reliable integration into vehicle systems.


  • Thermal Propagation: Expertise in advanced thermal mitigation technologies for real-time monitoring and isolation to enhance system resilience.
  • Crash Safety: Specialized in impact-resistant design with energy absorption features, fully compliant with global crash safety standards such as ISO 26262.