Test Facilities and Laboratories

IAV has a large number of test facilities and laboratories that enable us to put full vehicles, full systems and subsystems as well as components through their paces. Continuous investments in this domain guarantee that technology is always state of the art and that we are always one step ahead of the industry with our technical resources, some of which are unique.

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Test systems for charging communication

Tighter emission requirements and new test cycles, synthetic and country-specific fuels, alternative drive systems with new components, such as high-voltage batteries, as well as increasing vehicle connectivity and the trend towards automated driving – there is a lot for our experts to do in testing. High-quality test facilities and intelligent test methods ensure they always deliver first-class results.

As part of our premium line-up, we also offer a turnkey service on a one-stop-shop basis – we take care of system release from the requirements stage to testing. Numerous leading OEMs have been using it for many years. We provide them with measurement data, test reports and release recommendations as well as suggestions for improving their designs. With us, they can also perform self-certification for their products.

„Given the end-to-end compatibility of our systems, IAV can say: three sites, one all-encompassing test facility.“

Thorsten Stappenbeck — Senior Vice President Test Center

  • Roller dynamometers
  • Engine test benches
  • Transmission test benches
  • Injection component test benches
  • DPF test benches
  • Commercial-vehicle test stands
  • E-traction test bench
  • Battery analysis test bench
  • Fuel cell test benches
  • Syngas laboratory
  • Driving simulators
  • Test facilities for crash testing and for pedestrian and occupant protection
  • Acoustic chassis dynamometers
  • Acoustics and vibration analysis (NVH)
  • Body test stands
  • Component test benches for interior, exterior and seat systems
  • Climate and sunlight simulation chambers

One highlight among our test facilities is the high-altitude climate roller dynamometer that enables us to run test drives at altitudes of up to 5,300 meters and at temperatures from minus 40 to plus 40 degrees Celsius. This means it can simulate the extreme conditions prevailing on even the highest mountain pass roads, obviating the need for many trips to Asia and South America – benefiting the health of test drivers as well as the climate because it makes numerous long-haul flights and road tests superfluous. IAV is the only engineering partner with this type of facility.

Our two crash facilities in Gifhorn and Großmehring near Ingolstadt are also something more likely to be found at an OEM. One specialty at the facility in southern Germany is the section for rollover tests. Here, cars drive over ramps and then rotate lengthways or overturn. This makes it possible to determine whether the airbag sensors are working correctly. The facilities are also ready to test electric vehicles. The vehicle’s battery temperature is monitored during the test. A robot detects any possible gas leak after the crash. An electrician then measures the voltage on the outer skin. In the event of any problems, a special forklift truck tows the electric car outside where it can be observed and cooled down if necessary.

Furthermore, our slide and catapult facilities can be used to test components, systems and functions at an early phase of development and prepare them reliably for SOP in accordance with statutory legislation or consumer protection requirements.

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Climate roller dynamometer for high-altitude testing

In addition to full vehicles, we can also examine components of all kinds, for example with our 45 engine test benches delivering outputs of up to 1,470 kW and engine torques of up to 7,000 Nm at the Berlin, Gifhorn and Chemnitz/Stollberg test facilities. Our test center for electromechanical drive systems is located in Adorf and provides a battery cell and battery module tester as well as test rigs for vehicle batteries, electric motors, transmissions and electric all-wheel drives. Everywhere, we use compatible test bench technology and standardized automation systems.

Engines drive the wheels – IAV has a rolling-resistance test bench for tires which offers OEMs, tire manufacturers but also research the opportunity to examine tires and their potential for reducing CO2 emissions. As the sole point of contact between the vehicle and the road, tires have a significant bearing on a vehicle’s energy consumption. With an average share of about 25 % of fuel consumption, the rolling-resistance level is a decisive factor for the efficiency and range of e-vehicles. When designing the test bench, attention was paid not only to ISO measurements for EU tire labelling and the WLTP cycle, but also to the possibility of realising high driving speeds of up to 270 km/h.

A new addition will be the company’s own EMC test centre in Heimsheim near Stuttgart, scheduled for completion by 2022. Due to e-mobility, vehicle networking and ever more powerful assistance systems on the way to autonomous driving, the number of electronic components in vehicles has also increased rapidly. With the construction of the new test centre, IAV is responding to the growing need for test capacities to check electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). The groundbreaking ceremony is scheduled forspring 2021.

IAV also has test benches for the fuel supply system (from the tank system to the high-pressure pump) and the injection system (from the high-pressure pump to the injector). We can test SCR systems as well as fuel cells. We use radionuclide technology to conduct high-precision, real-time wear measurements. Our physical-chemical laboratory is also unique. It plays a central part both in simulating, designing and integrating exhaust systems as well as in diagnosing and analyzing fuel supply and injection components. Are you interested in our test facilities and labs? Please let us know!

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