Products & Test Facilities

Smart Test Factory

IAV has a large number of testing facilities with which we can put complete vehicles, complete and partial systems and components through their paces. Continuous investment in this area guarantees that the technology is always state of the art - and that we are always one step ahead of the industry with our sometimes unique infrastructures.

our test facilities


Developing like the IAV experts: this is made possible by using our development tools. They have proven themselves in numerous series projects and are always state of the art. Most of our tools not only make the engineering process faster, but also qualitatively better and safer. 

our products

IAV Auros

IAV Auros offers customized solutions for efficient back-to-back tests, mobile high-voltage supply and automated test processes.

Brake emission test bench

We are your partner for the intelligent, efficient and flexible reduction of particulates in accordance with the Euro 7 standard. Our expertise, test center and development services support you all the way to successful Euro 7 homologation.

IAV Cross

IAV Cross provides you with precise and reliable information about your injection processes - for conventional, alternative fuels and hydrogen.

IAV Dragoon

A prototype control unit for everything from classic gateways to complex vehicle control systems, taking functional safety and cybersecurity into account.

IAV Inca-Flow

Application made easy: Our process standardization covers the entire development process and can be integrated into all development infrastructures.

IAV Infotainment Lab

Reduce test times for complex infotainment integration tests and increase efficiency with our remote test system.

IAV Kivu

The solution for flexible control of all crank angle synchronized components - for maximum flexibility and efficiency!

IAV Mara

Are you looking for a toolbox with mathematical analysis methods that can be easily combined and put together to form clearly defined workflows? Here it is!

IAV Merida

Your key to efficient and secure data management

IAV Macara

Use our specialized data management tool and keep track of the complex field of control unit parameters.

IAV Optera

Improvements in network planning through the use of algorithms and automation

IAV Primero

Whether it's mixture control or catalytic converter diagnostics, you can rely on IAV Primero to ensure that your lambda sensor always delivers optimum signals.

IAV Sonicseek

Relaxed hearing without noise - our tool uses AI to identify and localize acoustic anomalies.

IAV Umba

Effective and ergonomic infotainment tests without hardware experts. From testers for testers.

IAV Valdivia

Reliably test autonomous driving functions with the help of AI and save 80% of testing costs.