Factual analysis & document preparation

eDiscovery & (court) proceedings

Are you faced with the challenge of having to reconstruct a set of facts from a multitude of documents? Are you worried that an official submission deadline cannot be met?

Then we are your ideal partner!

We locate the necessary documents in your company and evaluate them technically. On the basis of our IT infrastructure and corresponding hardware, we can process large amounts of data quickly and efficiently for you.

Why IAV?

We are there for you! On-site or remote.

  • We have been active in the field of factual analysis and document preparation for over 15 years and have successfully supported numerous clients in (court) proceedings with our eDiscovery service.
  • We prepare technical expert reports for better clarification of the context.
  • Our experts in the fields of engineering, IT and foreign languages are available to you as needed.
  • We provide you with server hardware and suitable software.
  • With more than 7,600 employees, IAV is represented worldwide and can support you in all important markets

Unser Ansatz

At IAV, you get everything and more from a single source.

  • 1. Identify

    We identify all relevant stakeholders and data sources in your company.

  • 2. Procure

    We collect the data in dialogue with your employees and thus reduce the amount of data right from the start.

  • 3. Process

    We extract and index content and prepare the data for evaluation.

  • 4. Analyse

    We deduplicate, filter and reduce the amount of data.

  • 5. Evaluate technically

    Thanks to our in-depth know-how in the automotive sector, we capture and evaluate even the most complex technical content.

  • 6. Evaluate legally

    Based on our evaluation, we put you in a position to classify the documents legally.

  • 7. Represent actions

    We visualise the actions on a timeline and present the facts clearly.

  • 8. Blackening

    We black out personal data, unnecessary information and sensitive content.

  • 9. Translate

    We professionally translate the documents into the desired target language while maintaining the look and feel of the original document.

  • 10. Produce

    In production, we finalise the documents according to your wishes.