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IAV Merida allows you to intelligently store, manage and analyze vehicle data to provide you with comprehensive insights in real time.

What is IAV Merida?

We at IAV are convinced that the constant increase of data in automotive development and fleet testing should not be a burden for you. With IAV Merida, we help you manage the growing amount of data in automotive development and revolutionize the way you handle your data.

IAV Merida is made up of five key components:

IAV Merida Hub is the centerpiece and the platform for secure and structured measurement data management. It is characterized by flexible storage and performance options as well as the highest standards in terms of security, data protection and compliance.

IAV Merida Analyzer is a scalable framework that uses static analysis methods as well as innovative artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies for real-time and predictive analytics of large volumes of data.

IAV Merida Transmitter ensures secure and automated data upload from various sources, avoiding redundancy through parallel readout and automatic configuration updates. It enables remote updates of data loggers for adjustments in data recording and retains uploaded measurement data in case of an upload abort to maintain data integrity.

IAV Merida Signals and Signals Web offer you a direct insight into the measurement data. You can directly open and visualize your data in various signal or message-based formats.  IAV Merida Signals Web also offers the option of creating traces on-demand.

IAV Merida Finder allows you to make complex search requests across all measurements using a special search mask. Within seconds, visualized results are automatically presented, immediately highlighting correlations and outliers. The inclusion of various metadata reveals correlations and relationships within the vehicle signals that may be hidden in older data sets.

Scope of application

IAV Merida offers a wide range of possible applications that provide significant benefits in various areas. Whether it’s fleet testing and telemetry data analysis, real-time fault analysis in customer service vehicles or weather-dependent messages to drivers, our platform enables comprehensive downstream analysis and visualization of data. This makes IAV Merida suitable for a variety of use cases, including:

  • Long-term analyses to optimize fleet management, particularly useful for transport companies
  • Efficient management of vehicles and test benches as well as shortened development cycles in the automotive industry
  • Data-driven development with a wide range of analysis options – from statistical error analysis to AI-supported anomaly detection
  • Live insight into vehicles and real-time display of data
  • Any “data-producing units”: Measurement data is not limited to these application areas, but can be used for different purposes

Regardless of your industry, with IAV Merida we offer customized solutions to meet your specific requirements and take your business to the next level.

Benefits of IAV Merida

Real-time insights

IAV Merida Hub can easily collect, store, and analyze large amounts of data from various sources. It gives you a real-time overview and analysis of all your vehicles and their measuring technology status.

Powerful analysis frameworks

With the help of our powerful analysis framework IAV Merida Analyzer, we process various data formats in the shortest possible time. This enables us to obtain results quickly and significantly shorten development cycles.

Efficient management

Easily organize your measurement devices and configurations and keep track of metadata, measurement devices and test benches to efficiently manage your fleets.

Full control in your hands

Manage authorizations, visibility, and track change histories. We also guarantee the highest data protection standards through logging, encryption, and ISO certifications.

Easy data handling

IAV Merida not only supports all common data formats, making it easier to integrate and use data from different sources, but also gives you worldwide access to your data – regardless of its size.

Flexible storage options

Choose between public, hybrid or private cloud models and benefit from unlimited scalability


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