How to reduce particulate emissions intelligently, efficiently and flexibly

Mastering non-exhaust emissions for Euro 7

We are your partner for the new requirements of Euro 7 legislation with regard to brake and tire emissions. With our test center, our development services and our many years of automotive expertise, we will accompany and advise you all the way to your successful Euro 7 homologation.

Take a breath

In order to reduce particulate matter from brake and tire abrasion in the air, the European Parliament has voted for a regulation of these non-exhaust emissions for the first time. The expansion of electrically powered vehicles will ultimately eliminate exhaust emissions completely. Therefore, the focus is shifting to non-exhaust emission sources.


Our services for

clean deceleration

Testing at our accredited test facility
We carry out brake emission tests in accordance with the UN-GTR No. 24 test procedure, including preparation and execution. We create detailed test reports automatically according to your specifications. In future, we will offer Euro 7 homologation tests and conformity tests.

Holistic engineering & consulting
In order to comply with limit values, we support you in the selection of friction materials and secondary measures. We offer a detailed analysis of the underlying factors influencing particle formation. And thanks to our excellent knowledge of trends and technologies, you can rely on us to react flexibly and avoid costly detours.

Virtual development methods
Using CAE methods, we optimize the efficiency of secondary measures such as brake particle filters and particle capture devices and support you in the design of the braking system with regard to thermal requirements, crack resistance and comfort requirements (NVH).

Data-driven emission reduction
We develop prediction models and thus a digital twin of the brake system in terms of emission behavior. We derive control strategies, e.g. for regenerative braking. Traffic control can be optimized using V2X methods.

Comprehensive testing in a diverse testing infrastructure
At IAV, you benefit from extensive experience in the development, design, testing and integration of chassis components. We have many years of expertise in measuring exhaust emissions, which we build on with non-exhaust emissions. You have access to our component test benches for your performance and NVH tests as well as to complete vehicle tests on the road and on chassis dynamometers.

Statements from the team

“We make recommendations and offer engineering across the board. We can also carry out noise tests and high-performance tests.”
Sarah Littig, Team Lead Foundation Brake

“The fact that the workshops are directly adjacent to the test benches means we can react very quickly to customer-specific requirements. We are ideally equipped for the future. We are ready for Euro 7!”
Sven Wöhling, Team Lead Vehicle Functions & Smart Test Factory


Technical details of
brake emission testing

  • Large number of highly dynamic brake test benches
  • Moment of inertia simulation up to 7,500Nm
  • Power up to 1500kW
  • Air conditioning to ensure highly accurate temperature and humidity specifications
  • Brake enclosure according to OICA proposal
  • UN-GTR No. 24-compliant measurement technology for particle number (Solid PN, Total PN) and particle mass (PM10, PM2.5) measurement

Outlook for tire emission testing

We will soon also be offering innovative technologies and services for reducing tire emissions.


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Toni Feißel
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