Fault simulation for next-generation lambda sensors

IAV Primero 2.0

Fault simulation for next-generation lambda sensors. On-board diagnostics (OBD) of the lambda sensor must be able to detect ageing effects and defects in the lambda sensor in good time. This must be done before the sensor is no longer able to provide the necessary signals for emission-related functions in the vehicle (e.g. mixture control, catalytic converter diagnostics). With IAV Primero, these diagnostics can be designed, tested and demonstrated to the approval authority. 

New version available now!

We have redeveloped the hardware of our Primero in response to feedback from our customers. Generation 2.0 of the IAV Primero incorporates our experience of the last 20 years. You can order the IAV Primero 2.0 from 2024 and benefit from the new features. 

Advantages at a Glance

  • Support for a wide range of current and future lambda sensors (via software update) 
  • Efficient use of the limited test vehicles 
  • Simple test execution thanks to predefined test configuration 
  • Automatic and complete test documentation  

How You Can Benefit from IAV Primero

Cost-effective testing​

With IAV Primero, you can save money on costly sensor replacements and make better use of your resources by using the same vehicle for different types of testing.​

User-friendly device configuration​

The device configuration is easy and quick to set up, even for untrained personnel, due to pre-defined configuration files created during test planning.​

Accurate and automated documentation​

IAV Primero automatically documents the entire testing process, including important signals, settings, and serial numbers, reducing human error and streamlining the documentation process.​

Compatibility with all kind of lambda sensors​

Our tool has unmatched compatibility with leading lambda probe and ecu manufacturers, ensuring that you can continue to use IAV Primero well into the future, without compatibility issues.​

Operating principle

IAV Primero 2.0 enables developers to distort the complex signal processing of lambda sensor signals in a simple way. This makes it possible to provide the OBD algorithms in the engine management system with a lambda sensor signal that can be modified by means of freely configurable error patterns. The lambda sensor signal path is distorted at vehicle level without the need to intervene in the engine control unit functions. This means that the effectiveness of the on-board diagnostics can be verified in its unchanged standard state and demonstrated as part of the vehicle approval process. IAV Primero 2.0 is therefore a tool for the entire development process – from function development, application and validation on test drives through to demonstration to the authorities as part of the approval process(COP).


IAV Primero 2.0 can be easily integrated into the signal path between the lambda sensor and engine control unit in any vehicle environment via the universal wiring harness. One linear and one binary sensor can be controlled simultaneously by IAV Primero 2.0. Configuration and control are conveniently carried out via the user interface from a laptop connected to IAV Primero 2.0 via USB. The existing CAN interface enables seamless integration of the data generated by IAV Primero 2.0 into the existing application environment (e.g. ETAS INCA). As a result, your entire test sequence is documented automatically, completely and seamlessly.

Intuitive User Interface

All the necessary test parameters can be set using a clear and easy-to-understand user interface. A primero configuration created in test planning can be saved and easily imported into Primero for test execution. This ensures that all tests are carried out with the correct settings and independently of the personnel carrying them out.  

Probe compatibility

IAV Primero 2.0 supports current probe models and control units. Its compatibility with the new OSIC driver from Bosch is unique. Thanks to the future-proof hardware design of the Primero 2.0, future probe models can also be supported via a software update. 

Some obsolete probe models are no longer supported by Primero 2.0. Please ask us for a Primero of the latest generation. Detailed information on the supported probes/driver combinations can be found in the following compatibility matrix. 

Your probe/driver combination is not listed? Please contact us (iav-primero@iav.de) and we will check whether we can support you. 


To ensure that IAV Primero 2.0 can be easily integrated into any vehicle project, a USB connection cable and a universal adapter for connection to the power supply, the engine control unit and lambda sensors are also included in the scope of delivery for IAV Primero 2.0. IAV Primero 2.0 is always supplied in a transport case. 


Individual services offer a first-class addition to IAV Primero and enable all-round support right from the start. 

  • Maintenance Service
    • Annual function test 
    • Annual device adjustment 
    • Ad-hoc device replacement service 
    • Updates for the IAV Primero software 
  • Training
    • Discussion of typical use cases from installation and connection to configuration and application of specified fault patterns 
    • Optional discussion of advanced features like charge adaption or calibration of system configuration files 
    • Demonstration of functions on desktop or in vehicle possible 
    • Carried out by IAV experts and IAV developers 
    • Suitable for beginners and advanced users 
    • Online or on-site program available 
  • Installation Service
    • Support of set-up at the vehicle or test stand 
    • Analysing of system parameters for new sensors and control units 
    • Creating suitable configuration in collaboration with our customers 
  • Prototype Service
    • Conceptual development for integration of control methods into IAV Primero for new sensors and control units 
    • Modification of IAV Primero hardware and firmware 
    • Validation of Measurements and Optimization of IAV Primero functionality based on customers’ requirements 
  • Support 
    • 3-Level support team daily available 
    • Troubleshooting via mail, phone or screen share possible 
    • Please refer to iav-primero@iav.de for all kind of request


→ Download the Primero 2.0 software here


This data package contains a firmware update required for complete functionality. The firmware is in folder ‘firmware’ (*.odn) and must be manually unpacked. It can be flashed only after installation of the user interface and enabling expert mode.

Press ‘load firmware’ in tab upgrade->firmware to select the *.odn file. After that, start the flash process with the ‘start’ button.


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