EMC Center Heimsheim

As the number of electronic components in vehicles increases, so does the need for test capacities to check electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). In its own test center in Heimsheim near Stuttgart, equipped with modern measuring and testing technology, IAV offers services throughout the entire EMC development process. The accredited test center has been commissioned in spring 2022.

The heart of the test laboratory for vehicle and component measurements according to OEM specifications is a large vehicle hall with an electromagnetic-emission-free roller test bench. A charging infrastructure is available for the measurements, which can simulate all relevant networks worldwide. During the test process, the IAV experts can map all driving and charging modes relevant to the test. This laboratory is supplemented by an EMC component testing device in which components from the parking sensor to the complete vehicle high-voltage battery as well as electric axes can be measured.

In particular, the possibility of performing EMC measurements on high-voltage systems including drive components/axes (braking and recuperation operation up to 140 kW on both sides) and battery systems offers our customers a complete coverage of their products. This is supplemented by a DC power supply up to 1,000 V / 500 kW including all common DC charging standards. IAV is also planning an office and training building with 370 workstations, a workshop and a test site, in order to be able to offer further services at this strategically important location. In addition to the accreditation of the EMC test center by the German Accreditation Authority (DAkkS), which takes place immediately after completion, the approval as a technical service by the Federal Motor Transport Agency according to UN ECE R10 is also in preparation.

  • Services of the test center
    • Vehicle measurements according to OEM specifications (including BMW, Daimler, Porsche, VW)
    • EMV measurements of drive components (motors, axles, subsystems and batteries)
    • Homologation according to UN ECE R10
  • Test equipment
    • Vehicle hall (10 m measuring track) with emission-free EMC roller test bench
    • Component test device, also suitable for vehicle measurements according to CISPR 25
    • Power system simulation for AC charging measurements worldwide
    • Charging technology and DC power supply up to 1,000 V / 500 kW
  • Workshop and logistics area
    • Prototype-safe workshop for pre- and post-processing of vehicles and components for EMC tests
    • Sufficient logistics space for loading prototype vehicles and components