Welcome to the EMC Test Center in Heimsheim

Experience advanced EMC testing and measurement at our accredited EMC test center in Heimsheim. Our facility is equipped with cutting-edge measurement and testing technology to cater to EMC testing needs in vehicle and component development.

As the number of electronic components in vehicles continues to grow, the demand for reliable EMC testing capacity is on the rise. Our testing laboratory offers comprehensive coverage for your products, including EMC measurements on high-voltage systems with drive components and axles under all operating conditions. With a power supply of up to 1,000 V / 500 kW, we support all international charging standards for both AC and DC. Our EMC component testing facility also enables precise measurements of sophisticated high-voltage components such as batteries and electric axles.

Established in spring 2022, our EMC test center is already accredited by the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS). Furthermore, we are in the process of gaining recognition as a technical service provider by the Federal Motor Transport Authority according to UN ECE R10. Our plans also include the construction of an office and training building, providing 370 workstations, a workshop, and testing area. This expansion aims to offer even more services at this strategically important location.

If you’re seeking dependable EMC testing and measurements, you’ve come to the right place. Contact us today and let us assist you in ensuring the electromagnetic compatibility of your products.

Services of our test center

  • Vehicle Measurements According to OEM Specifications (including BMW, Daimler, Porsche, VW): Our test center provides vehicle measurements in line with the OEM specifications of leading automobile manufacturers. This ensures that your vehicles and components meet all EMC requirements.
  • EMC Measurements of Drive Components (Engines, Axles, Subsystems, and Batteries): We conduct comprehensive EMC tests on drive components to ensure their smooth operation and compliance with all EMC demands.
  • Homologation According to UN ECE R10: Our test center is accredited and currently preparing for recognition as a technical service provider by the Federal Motor Transport Authority according to UN ECE R10.

Testing equipment

Our EMC testing facilities comprise:

  • Vehicle hall with a 10-meter measurement distance featuring an emission-free EMC chassis dynamometer
  • Component testing setup, also suitable for vehicle measurements according to CISPR 25 standards
  • AC charging simulation for worldwide AC charging measurements, ensuring electromagnetic compatibility of vehicles and components
  • Charging technology and DC power supply up to 1,000 V / 500 kW

Our testing facilities are managed by experienced EMC experts, ensuring reliable and precise measurement of the EMC values of your products.

Workshop and logistics

  • Prototype-secure workshop for preparing and post-testing of vehicles and components for EMC testing: Our EMC test center features a prototype-secure workshop designed specifically for the preparation and post-testing of vehicles and components for EMC testing. This workshop provides a safe environment for the effective preparation of prototypes to successfully undergo EMC testing.
  • Adequate logistics area for loading prototype vehicles and components: Our EMC test center offers ample logistics space for loading prototype vehicles and components. Our logistics area is purpose-built to ensure the secure and reliable loading and transportation of prototypes.