High Voltage Composite Test Bench Stollberg

As the variety of E-models increases, the complexity of the different drive trains increases. The new high-voltage composite test bench from IAV in Chemnitz/Stollberg enables HV components to be tested individually and in the system network in early development phases – thus creating valuable synergies.

The development time and associated costs can be significantly reduced if relevant components of E-Mobility are tested on a composite test bench. Safeguards and functional approvals are possible long before vehicle integration has taken place and the entire vehicle system is available.

The test bench is based on four high-performance electric machines with a braking performance of 280 kW each, a variable vehicle energy system with a total output of 1,000 kW and a battery air-conditioning container, which enables the vehicle battery to be operated in cold and warm ambient temperatures in an air-conditioned manner.

The integrated charging infrastructure enables the battery to be charged with both AC and DC voltage with up to 500 kW charging power. All common charging systems and charging standards, such as CHAdeMO, CHAdeMO 2.0, China GB/T, CCS1 and CCS2, can be integrated into the compound test.

Electrified auxiliary units, such as electric heaters or refrigerant compressors, can be integrated into the high-voltage system at the test bench. The specially developed climate cable load unit then maps the thermal load of the compressors.

If individual vehicle components are not yet available at the appropriate maturity level, they can be simulated partially or completely. This applies to components at the ECU level as well as at the power level.

All system function tests up to functional safety can be tested in the entire high-voltage composite system according to the ISO 26262 standard.

  • Electromechanical drives test center
    • Battery cell tester
    • Battery Module Tester
    • Vehicle Battery Test Bench
    • E-machine test bench
    • Transmission test bench
    • Electric axle-gearbox test bench with all-wheel function