IAV Auros: Flexibility and efficiency in high-voltage testing

Experience innovation in test bench technology: IAV Auros offers customized solutions for efficient back-to-back tests, mobile high-voltage supply and automated test processes.

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IAV Auros is a versatile and mobile system that contains everything required for the safe operation of HV components. It transforms any room with a three-phase socket into a high-voltage test bench. Whether as a newly built system in a “test bench in the box” test container or a retrofit or modernization of existing systems.

For the flexible upgrade of conventional test benches for testing HV components
With IAV Auros, you can quickly and efficiently adapt your existing test benches to new test requirements. Auros offers the flexibility you need to react quickly to changing market conditions. Reduce your changeover times and costs while maximizing the performance and versatility of your test bench.

As a mobile power supply for high-voltage component testing
IAV Auros is the solution for mobile high-voltage testing that eliminates the need for complex and costly infrastructure upgrades. Ideal for locations where the installation of a fixed test bench infrastructure is not practical. With Auros, you can test HV components directly on site (e.g. LV 123, VW 80300, MBN LV1123 or BMW GS 05023) without having to invest in new building infrastructure. This offers maximum flexibility and mobility for your test requirements.

For test bench automation and system control
The automation software from Auros revolutionizes the automation of test processes. It enables the precise definition of all test parameters and can address different systems. Use Auros to control and monitor your experiments to achieve consistent and reliable test results. Auros’ automation features increase the efficiency and accuracy of your test processes, reduce human error and increase the reproducibility of test results.

As a complete solution for back-to-back test benches
IAV Auros enables back-to-back test benches with an energy-efficient and user-friendly solution. This technology provides a cost-effective, accurate and safe test environment that is ideal for manufacturers and test labs looking for sustainable and advanced test bench solutions.

First-class support from our employees – online & on site
Whether by phone or in person on site, our qualified employees are available to you at all times. With our service contracts, we guarantee you fast, professional help tailored to your needs. Be it for test planning, commissioning test benches or implementing automation.

Stay flexible with rental equipment – efficient in terms of costs & time
Benefit from the flexibility of our rental solutions. Our high-quality devices are ready for immediate use and enable you to save costs and stay technologically up-to-date. Find out more about the equipment currently available.

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