IAV Optera

IAV Optera consists of automated high-performance algorithms that are capable of autonomously devising suitable structures for medium-voltage grids and defining their electric parameters. The interaction between algorithms and adaptive learning guarantees continuous improvement of the grid designs in order to cope with every supply task at minimum overall cost.

IAV Optera is operated with a modern web frontend. It takes just a few clicks to set up projects, define input data and select the required optimization functions. Besides computing load flow rates and checking all (n-1) failure modes, IAV Optera autonomously finds sectioning points and T-joints.

An integrated route search not only finds the beeline connection between two nodes but also permits visualization of the precise grid routing. The editing function lets the grid planner integrate his or her expertise at any time.

Close cooperation with LEW Verteilnetz GmbH (LVN) and Mitteldeutsche Netzgesellschaft Strom mbH (MITNETZ STROM) guarantees that IAV Optera is an efficient, customer-oriented product. It is a Software-as-a-Service solution (SaaS) that is quick and easy to put into service. No installation or integration in the customer’s system environment is necessary.

«The tests we have conducted with IAV Optera up to now show that the software is extremely useful as a tool for coping with our current planning tasks.»

Stefan Fettke — LEW Verteilnetz GmbH (LVN)

  • 1. What is IAV Optera?

    IAV Optera is a software for automated grid-planning of medium voltage distribution systems With IAV Optera you can quickly design high-performance power grid at optimized overall costs. The software takes into account the existing assets and proposes extension and re-structuring measures (Brownfield planning). It is also possible to carry out a Greenfield planning, in which all new grid assets are laid out independently of the historically emerged structure. No matter which type of planning you are conducting: IAV Opteras high degree of automation allows for a very efficient planning process and relieves your employees from repetitive tasks – without making them obsolete.

  • 2. What sets IAV Optera apart from conventional grid computation software?

    IAV Optera designs and assesses structural and topological changes in your grid and provides you with a preview of possible ways in which the distribution system for your supplied region may develop. While conventional computation software only support you with an assessment of the current grid state and manually performed countermeasures, IAV Optera is able to plan and assess the required grid extension projects on its own.

  • 3. How does IAV Optera work?

    Several high-performance algorithm work together during the planning of distribution systems with IAV Optera. First, a modified ant-algorithm creates grid design variants optimized for lowest overall costs. A second algorithm computes the power flow in all variants and sorts out all designs that do not match safety or electro technical standards. The iterative interaction of these algorithms yields power grid designs with ever increasing performance at minimum costs.

  • 4. How is IAV Optera operated?

    IAV Optera is operated right away from any computer workstation via a secured web-frontend. No on-premises installation or integration into your IT-backend is required, as IAV Optera runs on IAVs own servers in Germany as Software-as-a-Service. You can use IAV Optera via API interface and establish a link to your system landscape.

  • 5. What are the system requirements to run IAV Optera?

    To use IAV Optera, all you need is a standard PC and Laptop with customary technical specification, as well as a proper connection to the Internet. The actual grid-planning is carried out on the IAV server. Therefor, the expected duration of your grid study is not limited by or depending on your available hardware. In addition, neither your hardware, nor your personnel are bound while the process is running.

  • 6. What data does IAV Optera need and in which format?

    The data required depends on the type of planning you would like to carry out and on which features you want to use.

    For Greenfield-Planning IAV Optera requires the following information:

    • 20kV- and 400 kV-substations (location, nominal voltage, capacity) and
    • Your general planning framework

    For Brownfield-Optimization or for an analysis of the actual grid IAV Optera requires the following information:

    • 20kV- and 400 kV-substations (location, nominal voltage, capacity)
    • Grid loads (Load types and rated loads,)
    • Actual lines (Start- and termination point, length, route, costs, electrically rated values)
    • The scenarios to be executed (load cases and scaling factors) and
    • Your general planning framework

    The data can be supplied either in JSON or in a csv- or xlsx-Format. This can be done by a simple export from your in-house IT-systems. If necessary, we can also develop special interfaces custom-tailored to your systems for a convenient data transfer.

  • 7. How do I transfer the required data to IAV Optera?

    Upon signing-up, you will be granted a password-protected access to the IAV Optera web-Frontend. There you have the possibility to upload the required data to the IAV server. The transfer will be encrypted. Once on the server, your data will be stored fully separated from all other users – none other than you will have access to your data.

  • 8. For how long will my data be stored on IAVs server?

    The data will be uploaded to and stored on the IAV server for the sole purpose of carrying out your grid-planning projects. Any longer-term storage is not intended and will not happen – this will be guaranteed legally binding in our mutual license contract.
    As a major Engineering-Partner within the global automotive industry, the confidentiality of data entrusted to us plays a key role in all our business activities. Hence, IAV is certified both according to ISO/IEC 27001:2013 as well as to TISAX (VDA ISA) and has implemented and established corresponding management systems to ascertain the confidentiality, availability and integrity of your data at all times.

  • 9. Will IAV replace employment in the grid-planning department?

    IAV Optera was developed to relieve your grid-planning experts from repetitive tasks. However, their expertise will still be required, even when using IAV Optera – for example to assess the results and to make manual modifications as they see fit. IAV Optera will therefor not replace your grid-planning professionals, but support them to carry out even better grid-planning projects in less time in a modern and easy-to-master working environment.