IAV Dragoon

iav dragoon

IAV Dragoon continues IAV’s long tradition of control unit development

Based on years of technological experience, IAV Dragoon can be used for a wide range of applications. Thanks to flexible assembly variants, IAV Dragoon can be cost-effectively tailored to the respective area of application.

Applications ranging from the classic gateway between a wide variety of bus systems to complex vehicle control systems with corresponding ASIL levels can thus be developed easily and efficiently.

Automotive Ethernet makes it possible to connect modern driver assistance systems with their bandwidth-hungry sensors to the vehicle world.
In addition to the appropriate hardware, IAV can also supply the necessary software, which is individually developed for the specific application.


Vehicle Control Unit (VCU), Body Control Module (BCM), Automotive Gateways (CAN FD, LIN, SENT, Automotive Ethernet)

Possible application areas

Prototypes / showcars, commercial vehicles, construction and agricultural machinery, special vehicles, marine, small series in other markets, sports and luxury cars

Standards/ Norms

ASIL B, AUTOSAR BSW (incl. Safe Lib), Production (CE/ RoHs/ EMC)

Technical data

For years, IAV has seen itself as a developer and supplier of sophisticated electronic products in small and medium quantities. Customers benefit from a special feature: IAV combines development expertise for large series with manufacturing competence for small series.

  • Configurable mainboard
      Operable in 12 V systems

    32-Bit µC Infineon TC297, 300 MHz (TC3x7 optional)

      4 to 16 MB Flash, 728 to 6912 KB RAM, 3 to 6 cores, incl. lockstep
      NXP FS6500 safety SBC and analogue input monitoring with independent shutdown path for high-side and low-side outputs
      3 to 6 x HS CAN with wake-up, min. 4x ISO CAN FD, 1 x PN option
      1 x 100 MBps Automotive Ethernet
      2 to 4 x LIN (configurable master/slave), 1 to 2 x SENT
      8 x low-side outputs (0.5 A), 2 x low-side outputs (2 A)
      2 x high-side outputs (10 A), 1 x high-side output (0.5 A)
      6 x half bridges, configurable as H and/or B6 bridges
      2 x sensor supplies, 2 x analogue DAC outputs
      8 x digital inputs, incl. 2 x wake-up external, 19 x analogue inputs
      Ambient temperature range: -40 to +85 °C
      2×32-pin vehicle connector, aluminium housing
  • Software and tool chain
      UDS & XCP Bootloader (CAN und Ethernet)
      IAV AUTOSAAR Basissoftware
      UDS/ISO-TP Diagnose
      Application development in C and Matlab Simulink

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