Where the Future of Infotainment Development is at Home!

IAV Infotainment Lab

Functional and integration testing for infotainment systems is a complex challenge for automotive manufacturers (OEMs). As vehicles are sold worldwide, systems are increasingly developed in modular form and adapted regionally according to market requirements. This is accompanied by a very high testing effort. How do OEMs manage to reconcile these diverse test scopes in the infotainment area and increasingly complex software structures with the shortening development cycles?

The solution for this challenge is the IAV Infotainment Lab. The standardized IAV infotainment labs guarantee highest quality worldwide and promise efficient and effective project work in the development and in testing.

The IAV Infotainment Lab provides a secure infrastructure for OEM prototype hardware and software. Every member of the project team, from project managers and developers to integrators or testers, has digital access to the test benches that would otherwise be located directly at the workplace. Many functions and tests can now be carried out directly from the user’s own PC on the infotainment hardware in the IAV Infotainment Lab

With IAV Infotainment test benches localized directly in the target market, such as in North America or China, market-specific functions can be developed and tested directly on the customer’s own computer and without any hardware know-how. The access to different country variants is possible in the IAV Infotainment Lab with just one click.

Local Infotainment labs or mobile test cubes can be easily implemented at any IAV location in the world.


  • Remote control of infotainment hardware and software
  • Remote control of test environments (simulations, clamps, …)
  • Remote control of mobile devices
  • Real infotainment hardware environment
  • Basis for test automation
  • Booking system for test benches
A secure server infrastructure is the foundation of the sophisticated hardware and software solution.


  • Costs reduction
    • Sharing of infotainment devices and software
    • 24/7 use of infotainment hardware and software
    • Reduced travel and transportation costs
  • Wide variety of infotainment devices
  • Wide variety of mobile devices
  • Availability of experts and specialists on site (troubleshooting and response time)
  • Shared use of resources across projects and locations
  • Distributed use of rare hardware resources
  • Simplifying the distribution of software and hardware (customs procedures)
  • Integration of existing infotainment test benches for remote control
  • Integration of worldwide partners (also without hardware on site)
  • Home office without OEM hardware at home
The user interface of the IAV Infotainment Lab can be used intuitively.

More and more users benefit from the IAV Infotainment Lab

The IAV Infotainment Lab has been used productively in projects at IAV and together with customers for several years. Successful projects at the IAV Infotainment Lab have jointly developed and tested, for example, the Sirius satellite radio reception in America, the Mobile Online Services in China and the In-Car Apps in Europe and in USA.

There are now over 60 test benches spread across 3 continents. In numerous projects, more than 100 IAV employees and customers rely on the IAV Infotainment Lab.