IAV Macara

Editing, validating and visualizing calibration parameters

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Modern vehicles have approximately 60,000 control unit parameters. In addition, there are also several hundred vehicle models. This means that without a special tool for data management, it is now impossible for the calibration engineer to maintain a clear picture of everything. This is precisely where IAV Macara comes in. The development tool not only automates many processes and reduces the number of errors. It also provides a quick overview of data changes, even if many vehicle models are involved.

IAV Macara helps the calibrator to view and analyze calibration data and simplifies everyday work by providing interfaces to other systems, a clearly structured visualization of calibration data and automated processes. And not only that: whereas earlier versions of IAV Macara focused on changing parameters, the latest product also provides the capability of viewing data on a very detailed and well-structured basis.

IAV Macara makes it possible to use various data sources as well as customer-specific, generic testing and analytical processes with reporting systems. With its wide range of functions and intuitive user interface, the tool reduces susceptibility to errors and simplifies the calibrator’s everyday work.

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