IAV Mara

IAV Mara simplifies even complex evaluations and can be used in many different sectors

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Complex data evaluations at the press of a button and without any programming skills: that is the promise IAV Mara gives. It comes with a complete tool box of mathematical analysis methods that are easily combined to create firmly defined workflows. IAV Mara has proven its worth in automotive engineering but is also suitable for all applications involving the analysis of time-based measurement data – for example in the mobility sector, in industry, in the energy sector and in pharmaceuticals.

The tool processes data from different sources that can be filtered and synchronized on the basis of set criteria. Users themselves can define which input is relevant for them. They can either transfer selected files to the Mara server manually or use definable file filters that permit automatic import. Integrated measurement data indexing ensures that each data record can be retrieved in the shortest time possible – also meta data, such as who created the file and when, or file size as well as the project it belongs to.

Configuring instead of programming

It is easy to assess the selected data: IAV Mara provides the user with numerous analysis methods which can be combined in any way at a mouse click and without any programming skills. This includes combining several datasets, synchronization/offset, statistical evaluations, comparisons and logical operations. There is also a wide range of visualization possibilities, such as scatter plots, bar charts or 3D diagrams. On request, IAV Mara generates reports automatically as .pdf or .ppt files.

Interfaces to standard tools such as UniPlot, MS Excel or Matlab/Simulink can be used for extended analysis.

Client-Server Architecture

The IAV Mara server can run parallel on several evaluation computers for optimum distribution of the workload across the available hardware. Tasks are thus completed swiftly, with easy system upgrades available at low costs. IAV Mara’s performance can be scaled quite simply to your development requirements.

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Scope of functions

  • Measurement data management (different data sources and data formats)
  • Data indexing and filtering (data quality)
  • Cloud-based solutions
  • Data analysis
  • Interfaces to standard tools
  • Visualization ability

USPs and advantages

  • Customizable
  • Flexible adjustment
  • Complex data analyses
  • Automation
  • No programming skills required
  • Saves costs and time
  • unlimited possibilities by integrating existing Matlab or Python routines

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