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IAV SonicSeek

The identification and localization of acoustic anomalies in technical systems is proving to be a highly complex task across all industries. Despite numerous attempts, an universal solution has not been found – until today.

IAV SonicSeek!

With IAV SonicSeek, normal noises can be distinguished from anomalous noises. In an automotive context the system can not only help to avoid unnecessary damage, but can also reduce the number of unnecessary maintenance and repair jobs. IAV SonicSeek learns various acoustic “signatures”, trains corresponding neural networks and, on this basis, enables acoustic anomalies to be detected and classified into predefined categories.


In the automotive sector, for example, IAV SonicSeek can be integrated into modern vehicles via the infotainment system and record live acoustic data via the hands-free on-board microphones. This data can then be transmitted to cloud computing services for further analysis. In this way, error sources can be quickly identified and further steps can be invoked. The field of application ranges from production and quality assurance via service and maintenance through to private use by end-customers.

However, not only automotive manufacturers benefit from IAV SonicSeek. The solution also delivers valuable results in all technical-mechanical sectors. For example, microphones can be implemented in production machines, wind turbines or aviation, which then record analysis data, also via live transmission, and immediately detect faults using acoustic diagnostics. Alternatively the data analysis can be carried out directly at the monitored system (edge computing).

Create a new way of fault diagnosis in your products and projects – with IAV SonicSeek!




What is IAV SonicSeek?



Establishing a suited neural network architecture

In collaboration with the Technical University of Braunschweig, we have researched deep neural network architecture to find out which suits best to tackle acoustic diagnosis challenges. Our unique solution is characterized by a specially parameterized combination of convolutional and recurrent network layers.

Cutting-edge optimization thanks to cloud based processing pipeline

After numerous optimization iterations, we have refined the pre-processing as well as the AI training and post-processing. The entire process chain is integrated into a powerful cloud based  processing pipeline. This ensures that computing power is not only optimally utilized in relation to costs, but is also instantly adaptable and scalable to specific needs.

IAV SonicSeek in practice

IAV SonicSeek can be used in various industries and fields of application. In the automotive context, among others the following areas can benefit from IAV SonicSeek:

  • NVH optimization in development
  • New end customer experience and functions
  • Predictive maintenance
  • After sales service
  • Quality assurance in production


Other sectors in which
IAV SonicSeek brings real added value

How do you benefit from IAV SonicSeek?

In an extensive analysis phase, we get to the bottom of your individual requirements and needs to find opportunities and limitations, derive use cases and – last but not least – identify possible effects on your business. Acoustic recordings are then created and annotated – manually or semi-automatically – to suit the project scope. This is the input for our specially adapted deep neural network, which is then trained accordingly. Our cloud based pipeline helps to find the best configuration and hyperparameters to optimize the resulting detection and error rates. These are calculated according to scientific standards for a neutral, fair evaluation.

With our complementary tooling such as the IAV SonicSeek Audio Analyzer, we can visualize details and evaluate why a particular class has been detected or not.




Advantages of
IAV SonicSeek

State of the art system
State-of-the-Art System

Powerful state-of-the-art system for detecting and classifying acoustic anomalies.

Einfache Integration
Simple System Integration

Easy integration into existing technical appliances as well as UI-integration.

Cloud Implementierung
Cloud Implementation

Convenient maintenance, low integration effort, scalability and global availavility.

Flexibles Konzept
Highly Versatile and Modular Concept

Concept is easily transferable and expandable to other use cases, systems and industries.



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