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Empower your e-fleet with Swarm IQ Charge & Load

Keep your electric vehicles optimally charged and ready for action at all times. IAV’s Swarm IQ Charge & Load contributes to a sustainable energy supply and saves valuable time and money.


Charge your large-scale
EV fleets reliably

Our software ensures a seamless charging experience for your entire fleet, minimizing downtime and maximizing operational efficiency. By optimizing charge cycles and managing peak loads, we guarantee your EVs are always ready for the road. But that’s not all we have to offer.




What is Swarm IQ
Charge & Load?



Turn down your energy costs
High energy expenses can be a burden for any organization. Our software intelligently analyzes energy consumption patterns, shifts loads during off-peak hours or to utilize renewable sources.

Manage your infrastructure with ease
Swarm IQ Charge & Load provides an intuitive interface, allowing users to monitor, control, and update their infrastructure components effortlessly. Automated alerts, preventive maintenance schedules, and remote diagnostics streamline the management process.

Vehicle-Controlled or OCPP – your choice
Opt for vehicle-controlled or OCPP-based charging based on your preference. We offer seamless integration with both, complemented by efficient roaming and billing for a tailored experience.

Gain deep data insights in real-time
Swarm IQ Charge & Load captures and processes vast amounts of data in real-time, presenting users with actionable insights. From performance analytics to predictive maintenance, access a wealth of information at your fingertips to make informed choices instantly.

Choose your best fit – ready to go!
Embrace the flexibility of our cloud-based SaaS solution. Tailored to your needs, our platform lets you handpick modules that align best with your unique requirements, ensuring a personalized experience.


Who is it for?


Logistics companies

Reliable and timely delivery – guaranteed.

Swarm IQ Charge & Load streamlines electric vehicle fleet management, ensuring that vehicles are charged efficiently and ready for dispatch.


Car rental and car sharing

Take people where they want to go.

By integrating Swarm IQ Charge & Load, car rental and sharing companies can enhance customer satisfaction with reliable vehicle availability while optimizing energy costs and contributing to a sustainable operation.


Delivery services

Get your customers their order in time.

Swarm IQ’s Charge & Load real-time data insights and predictive analytics help in efficient route planning and load management, reducing energy costs and improving delivery times.


E-fleet operators

Fewer failures, greener alternative.

By utilizing our software, e-fleet operators in any field any can effectively manage their fleets, ensuring they are always ready and efficient, meeting both business needs and sustainability goals.





How do you benefit?

Charging Hub Manager

Swarm IQ Charge & Load empowers you to effectively monitor and optimize their electric vehicle fleets. With an intuitive, user-friendly dashboard, you can quickly gain a comprehensive overview of your fleet.

Fleet Manager

Match your fleet precisely to your operational needs with data-driven decision-making. Discover how Swarm IQ Charge & Load empowers you to optimize your fleet size and distribution:


With Swarm IQ Charge & Load, you have the flexibility and convenience to perform in-depth analyses of your fleet, fleet segments, or individual vehicles.



Proven on a large
scale at DHL

Swarm IQ Charge & Load avoids grid overloads & expensive power peaks through peak shaving:
Comparison of energy consumption at the DHL site in Hückelhoven with and without Swarm IQ Charge & Load

Swarm IQ Charge & Load avoids grid overloads & expensive power peaks through peak shaving: Comparison of energy consumption at the DHL site in Hückelhoven with and without Swarm IQ Charge & Load


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