Less stress, more power

Advanced control solutions for wind turbine automation by IAV

More power with less load? At IAV, we offer a customized add-on solution for your wind turbines (WT) that can do just that! We combine the latest numerical methods with model-predictive control for unmatched performance in real time. Effective engineering and software development know-how ensure robust industrial maturity for your product.

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Customized and sustainable

Get your individual solution

• Covers all relevant operational modes
• Adjusts the operational focus in no time – even during operation
• Benefit from our expert knowledge to find the optimal controller for your needs

The world is nonlinear!

And we control it – in real time

• Nonlinear plant dynamics provide precise state estimation and optimal control of your wind turbine
• We use machine learning to capture fatigue effects and allow predictions of wind speed
• High-performance numerical algorithms guarantee real-time capability
• And you unleash the full potential!

From the lab to series production

Quality is the DNA of our engineering

• Decades of experience in software engineering
• Industry-proven diagnostics and error management
• Intensive testing procedures and quality assurance
• Modular software design for highest flexibility and updateability

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Advanced Control

High-performancepredictive control boosts up your conventional automation

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Virtual Sensors

Virtual sensors provide and monitor real-time information of plant states and loads

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Automotive diagnostics framework improves system reliability

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Comprehensive and flexible logging functionality allows to reproduce and investigate all conspicuous situations

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Fatigue Predictor

Derive realistic fatigue rates from measurements and models to be directly used in the optimal control

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Wind Predictor

Adopting the LiDAR technology is straight-forward, since IAV's RSC is Lidar-ready

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Industry maturity? Of course!

From professionals for professionals:

• Simple add-on solutions to your existing process control – suitable for retrofitting
• Platform-independent with guaranteed real-time performance on your standard control hardware

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