IAV Umba

Test Rack for Infotainment Control Units

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The functional demands being made of cockpit electronics are increasing all the time. An ever-growing number of features such as phone, navigation, apps or mobile internet access have to be developed, integrated and tested long before real test vehicles are available.

IAV Umba is a test rack for infotainment control units that lets software developers and software testers realize professional test setups without needing hardware experts. In addition to the electric architecture for the specific vehicle platform, it also provides all interfaces for diagnostics, rest bus simulation and power supply.

The test rack is produced by certified companies in volume production quality and can be supplied in large quantities even at short notice. IAV Umba defines a new standard of quality in this field, with professional cable harnesses and connectors to ensure it works perfectly. All components are integrated in one single housing, reducing space requirements and maintenance costs.

With IAV Umba, testing infotainment systems is more effective and ergonomic. IAV Umba was developed with testers for testers. The highly integrated test rack is the product of 20 years of practical experience.

The test rack is currently available for the VW architectures MQB, 37w and MEB and will go through further development in future to make it compatible with all future products of the VW corporate brands. IAV’s professional service team helps users with any questions or problems. This also applies to initial commissioning: on request, IAV experts will integrate all components in the IAV Umba and proceed with initial commissioning, including the online connection to the corresponding cloud structure so that the testers can start work straight away. This creates ideal conditions for developing modern infotainment systems.


Are you looking for a tool to significantly shorten complex integration tests for infotainment systems?

With the IAV Infotainment Lab, you access digital test benches that would otherwise be located at your workplace and perform functions and tests from the comfort of your own PC.


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