Embrace a Seamless and Captivating Radio Experience

Universal Tuner Platform

Route 66, Stelvio Pass, or Guoliang Road – no matter where you are, get the most out of your radio with IAV’s Universal Tuner Platform.

Regardless of the tuner technology, the utilized user interface and the operating system our scalable middleware solution seamlessly integrates into your infotainment system.

  • One for all: Supports all common radio technologies (AM, FM, DAB/DAB+, HD Radio, Hybrid (Internet) radio, SiriusXM available upon request)
  • Maximum compatibility: Utilizable with a multitude of market leading tuner chip constellations and various operating systems through standardized interfaces
  • Beyond boundaries: Take your favorite radio station with you. The Universal Tuner Platform switches seamlessly back and forth between broadcast technologies and areas (e.g. DAB-FM-DAB in Germany).
  • Roam wherever you want: Selecting seamlessly from various signal sources, IAV’s Universal Tuner Platform always delivers the best radio experience – without interruptions or latency.
  • Adaptability: The platform can be customised to the needs of the clients.
  • Sound quality: Sophisticated algorithms for assessing and predicting signal quality consistently deliver the highest possible audio signal quality.
  • Radio stations set, done! The Universal Tuner Platform handles frequency and source changes autonomously, without the vehicle occupants even noticing.


As the perfect link between hardware and user, the Universal Tuner Platform takes care of an extensive amount of tasks: It receives and translates user requests to the hardware, constantly evaluates the spectrum for all receivable channels in the background and decodes digital data services (for example, displaying CD covers or information about the music tracks currently playing). This tuner middleware supports AM, FM, DAB/DAB+, HD radio and hybrid radio (uninterrupted switching between conventional and internet radio). The U.S. satellite radio SiriusXM can also be added. It can be adapted easily to different tuner hardware. Further integration into different operating systems is possible without any problems. Dedicated adaption layers ensure this. It was also developed according to the quality standard ASPICE Level 2, thus guaranteeing complete traceability in the event of a fault – from requirements to software design and code to testing.

Layout of the Universal Tuner Platform



» Finally a perfect solution, that helps me
streamline my tuner development.  «
» With this piece of software I regain the sovereignty
over my infotainment development. «
» With the ready-to-use module, which also covers technologies we
had no experience with before, the Universal Tuner Platform by IAV
has opened the door to new markets for us. «
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