IAV lumits - Compliance check for C-ITS as a free beta version

IAV has developed an automated compliance check for the messages sent by so-called Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems, C-ITS. The cloud service can now be used free of charge during the beta test phase.

  • Pioneering work: IAV lumits checks C-ITS messages independently and automatically for compliance with the standards.
  • Fast and efficient: IAV lumits performs a comprehensive check within minutes, without the need for special hardware or in-depth expert knowledge.
  • For everyone: IAV lumits is universally applicable, from developers and testers to operators of C-ITS stations, traffic engineers and representatives of public authorities.

The future of mobility is connected. Vehicles and other road users communicate with each other and with the road infrastructure. This leads to an overall system of Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS).

To ensure smooth communication between the individual C-ITS units, detailed standards and specifications have been developed by organizations such as ISO, ETSI, C-Roads and the C2C-CC, which ensure that traffic light information, for example, is communicated uniformly throughout Europe. Checking correct implementation of these standards used to be time-consuming and required in-depth expertise.

The IAV lumits cloud service makes it possible to carry out a comprehensive check of C-ITS messages against the specifications within just a few minutes.

„Until now, noone could be completely certain whether their C-ITS application was truly in compliance with the standards”, says Sebastian Sinning, Head of Vehicle Solutions & Automated Driving at IAV. „With IAV lumits, we now have an automated solution that can provide this certainty in just a few minutes.”

IAV lumits can be used by everyone – from developers to traffic engineers and representatives of the authorities. No special hardware needs to be purchased or licenses acquired, nor is any in-depth expert knowledge required. This makes IAV lumits the first fully automated solution for checking conformity in C-ITS messages that can be used universally.

The idea for IAV lumits was born during hours of manual searching for errors in C-ITS messages, reports Kathrin Hagemann, Technical Consultant for C-ITS Services and Product Owner for IAV lumits.

„Our engineers wanted to create a better and more efficient solution - and they succeeded.“

Kathrin Hagemann — Technical Consultant for C-ITS Services and Product Owner for IAV lumits 

IAV lumits is available as a beta version from May 15. With the invitation code “Citslumits2024”, the service can be tried out free of charge for 20 days after registration. Further information and access to the service at