What happens in Las Vegas…

The Consumer Electronics Show CES 2024 kicked off in Las Vegas on Tuesday. We report from the venue.


Thank you for the Music

As everything must come to an end, CES 2024 is finally closing its doors. Time to say “thank you”: for so many inspiring people we were allowed to meet. For so many great ideas and solutions that were presented. And, last but not least, for our dedicated IAV colleagues who made all this possible.

So, after these four days, it is also time to celebrate:

IAV Dinner CES 2024

And can you spot the slight gleam in Sonja’s eyes? (We have blurred the picture a bit, out of discretion.) Our Head of Events is locking up the IAV Recharging Lounge for the last time after spending the last few days (and a good part of the nights) there. Around 300 guests have filled this room with life and creative energy over the past few days.

Recharging Lounge CES - last day

But, hey: after the CES is before the CES. See you again in 2025!


All about AI

Artificial intelligence is the hot stuff at the #CES2024: no car, no gadget without AI. You even find an “AI Cocktail Bar” at the venue in Las Vegas.

AI Cocktail Bar CES 2024

“It’s all about AI”, says Saskia Kohlhaas, Chief Digital Officer at IAV. Our offers fit in well with this – we are using AI in combination with video recognition to help blind people navigating complex places, like railway stations, via WonderVision. And we test the critical functions of automated cars with our AI tool KoMPASS.

AI on board

The other big trend at CES 2024: electric cars. And, as luck would have it, we also have something to go with it: Swarm IQ Charge & Load, a smart solution to manage charging of big fleets of e-cars.

You want more? Follow our colleagues Saskia, Thomas and Ulrike to Las Vegas and see what they see:

IAV @ CES: impressions from day 3

The place to be

In the hustle and bustle of the tech show CES 2024, the IAV Recharging Lounge often is the island that saves the day.

A few steps away from the crowd, our colorful room invites customers, partners and other visitors to enjoy a break – and a drink – and have a relaxed conversation about tech innovations in the field of mobility.

We are delighted to welcome so many interesting guests from international companies, as Volkswagen USA, Toyota, Italdesign, Lamborghini, Amazon Web Services AWS…



VIP visit in the German Pavilion

The German Digital Minister and the top woman in the automotive industry drop by. Lots of good conversations. And enthusiastic feedback on our Recharge Lounge from many visitors – not a bad result from our first day at CES 2024.

Digital Minister Volker Wissing at CES 2024

Volker Wissing, German Minister for Digital and Transport, and Hildegard Müller, President of the German Association of the Automotive Industry, visiting the German Pavilion at CES 2024. The lady in the “IAV” college jacket on the right is our Chief Digital Officer, Saskia Kohlhaas.

Here are some impressions from our colleague Thomas Kollner, Head of Communications at IAV:

IAV @ CES: impressions from the first day

The calm before the storm

Starting before the start: Thomas Kollner, Head of Communications at IAV, arrives in Las Vegas before the opening of the CES 2024. Here are his first impressions:

Can’t wait: Thomas Kollner

“What do you expect from CES?” – Four questions to Kaweh Feyzi

Before the start of this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, German media wants to know why IAV is – again – going there. Here is what our colleague Kaweh Feyzi, responsible for Technical Sales & Project Management in Vehicle Solutions and Automated Driving, has to say.

Kaweh Feyzi

What have you brought with you to Las Vegas in terms of autonomous driving?

In the field of automated driving, we are presenting our CoMPASS tool for safeguarding automated driving functions. There are an infinite number of situations to which our systems must react correctly. We also have to provide the relevant evidence to the legislator. Our CoMPASS tool helps, for example, to identify the critical situations and parameters and to take these into account during testing. With these developments, we want to take highly automated driving even further.


How far is IAV with autonomous driving?

We have been in a test operation with safety drivers in Rackwitz, north of Leipzig, since 2022. The project behind it is called Flash. It stands for Driverless Automated Shuttle. FLASH can be used at the MDV fare and offers space for around 20 passengers.

«Our goal is to bring the technology to maturity.»

On the one hand, so that we meet the regulatory requirements in terms of approval and product safety. On the other hand, the technology must be fully developed so that we can meet every performance requirement, such as comfort and driving behavior.


What hurdles do you still see in autonomous driving?

The sensors and actuators must function just as well as the human senses for perception. A high-performance computer in the vehicle must be able to quickly assess situations and react like a human. Later, it should do this better and preferably without errors.

In addition to the technical challenges, acceptance is also an issue. Many scientific working groups are also concerned with this. We are working on all of these challenges with our customers and partners. We are on the right track. It may not be as fast as we initially assumed, but we are making good progress.


What does IAV expect from participating in the CES?

CES is the best opportunity for us to present our various solutions to an international audience of experts. We also like to use the trade fair to intensify our contacts with existing customers and to convince new customers of our merits. It is also a great opportunity to find new partners who would like to implement our solutions. But we also like to come and learn from others.

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