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Setting Standards – Taking Responsibility. Behaving fairly and treating each other correctly are central pillars of IAV’s corporate culture.


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This culture shapes the way we interact within the company and with business partners and determines our reputation in the public. We are committed to responsible corporate governance and functioning compliance.

The compliance management system assists the management board, executives and members of staff by offering  direction and certainty in regards to legal and self-imposed standards and requirements. In its function as the overriding set of rules the Code of Conduct of IAV summarizes these standards.

SpeakUp System

The SpeakUp System enables the reception and processing of reports of potential rule violations. Members of staff and business partners can confidentially report such potential violations to an independent instance; this being either the compliance department, the external ombudsman, an attorney at law independent of IAV, or the electronic “SpeakUp” portal.

IAV has established a guideline which forbids sanctions against persons submitting bona fide reports (reports made in good faith). IAV protects reporting persons and people close to them (e.g. colleagues and relatives) against any form of reprisals that they may experience or be exposed to as a result of the information provided. This includes the threat and attempt of reprisals.

Code of Conduct

Supplier Code of Conduct