Apply your expertise

to our development work.

Professionals: You have good ideas and know how to implement them. You can convince others of your ideas and find sound solutions through partnerships. Are you excited about innovative mobility and interested in developing what moves you? Then we might be a good fit!

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Getting started

No one has to plunge in alone at the deep end here. We want you to get off to a good start in your team, your work environment, and your projects. That is why you will have a colleague from your specialized department at your side during the first few months to give you a hand and useful advice. You will receive specialist training, be familiarized with the IAV structures, and take on your own responsibility for projects step-by-step.

After about six months, you will meet with your manager to reflect on what you have learned and accomplished and to discuss your experiences and suggestions. Have you gotten off to a good start? Together, you’ll look ahead: what do you want and what topics are you interested in working on? What training and seminars would round out your skills and prepare you for new tasks?

Your new job – just a few steps away

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Find your dream job
Our job offers are always up-to-date. Our full-text search makes it easy to screen the job profile for target keywords like “managerial experience” or “project management”.

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How to apply for one or more positions
In addition to your cover letter and CV, we require the relevant diplomas and recommendations to get a meaningful first impression.

This will ensure that your documents find their way to the right point of contact in the department as quickly as possible, even if you’ve found several interesting jobs:

You only have to set up your profile once for jobs in Germany. You can then easily submit multiple applications. More specifically: clicking on “apply” will direct you to the IAV applicant portal where you will fill out your profile and submit your application. Find additional jobs in our job search. Click on apply in the IAV applicant portal to add a few job specific details and submit the application.

For jobs outside of Germany click “apply” to be directed to a form you should please complete. When you upload a cover letter, you can include the job ID’s for all desired positions.

We will confirm receipt of your application by email.

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The next steps
The selection process is individualized for professionals and managers. Entry and career perspectives are discussed during the course of in-depth discussions. This process gives you the chance to learn about the company and meet future colleagues.

Attractive benefits and opportunities for professionals

At IAV you will find the ideal setting for your professional development. As a well-positioned company that has reaped the benefits of organic growth, we want to share our success with our employees in the form of attractive conditions.

Flexible working hours & mobile work
karriere icon paten mentoringprogramm 4 3
Peer & mentoring programs
karriere icon fach fuehrungs projektlaufbahn 4 3
Professional, management, and project career tracks
karriere icon arbeiten im ausland 4 3
Work abroad
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Qualifications, language courses, conferences
karriere icon teambuilding mitarbeiterevents 4 3
Team building & employee events
karriere icon haustarifvertrag 4 3
Company wage agreements
karriere icon vermoegenswirksame leistungen 4 3
Corporate pension scheme & contributions to capital formation
karriere icon familienservice 4 3
Family services
karriere icon sport gesundheitsfoerderung 4 3
Fitness & health promotion
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Special conditions for renting, purchasing & leasing
Part-time retirement