Our motivation. Our guard rails. Our promise.

The automotive sector is changing – it needs clear guard rails to navigate successfully through the changes. IAV has therefore taken a close look at its own purpose and values – the result is a compass for its employees – and a promise to its customers.

Culture Team

Moving forward boldly or maintaining status, embracing change or preventing it: How a company deals with the changes the sector is currently experiencing is also shaped by its culture. And that culture lives very much from purpose and values – the guard rails that give employees orientation in their day-to-day work.

« For us at IAV, purpose and values are much more than that. They are also a promise we make to ourselves and to our customers.»

Dr. Uwe Horn — President and CHRO at IAV

“In the summer of 2020, we set out to put this promise down on paper in crystal-clear terms so that we can be guided by it even better on a daily basis,” says Dr. Uwe Horn, President and CHRO at IAV.

Keeping an eye on IAV’s values and purpose: the Culture team in the People and Culture department.

Along the way, there were countless talks, discussions and surveys – across all areas and hierarchical levels. The result was not a reinvention, but what has characterized IAV as a company since it was spun off from the Technical University of Berlin.

“This year, we are working intensively on visibly anchoring our purpose and our valuesour purpose and our values in the company. To this end, there will be numerous workshops with our employees. The goal: Purpose and values should determine every action, every interaction with our customers or colleagues. They will thus have a significant influence on our attitude to work, the satisfaction of our employees and ultimately our entire corporate culture,” adds Dr. Uwe Horn.

Our purpose:  

We move the world for the better through technology and engineering.

Purpose 1

We are best in class.

IAV Purpose Verantwortung

We take responsibility.

IAV Purpose Exzellenzanspruch
Focus on Customers:

We do it. For our customers.

IAV Purpose Partnerschaftlichkeit

We win together.

IAV Purpose Innovationskraft
Innovative Power:

We design and realize ideas.

IAV Purpose Technologiebegeisterung
Passion for Technology:

We love technology and engineering.

IAV Purpose Persönlichkeit

We are all IAV.

The article was published in automotion 01/2021, the automotive engineering magazine of IAV. Here you can order the automotion free of charge.

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