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what moves you.

Mobility is getting more intelligent, more connected, more autonomous, more electric, more lightweight, more complex! An enormous challenge for us at IAV.

As one of the leading global developers of innovative technology, we work with all the big names in the automotive industry and research sector. And we are involved from initial conceptualization to real-life road testing.

Our employees have fuel in their veins… and electricity and code. At a time when resources like time, money, and urban space are sparse, they provide for clean air, security, and driving pleasure. In short, they help people get around better and better in the world of tomorrow.

Thanks to an unparalleled spectrum of tasks, candidates with a STEM background will never get bored with us, but will instead always enjoy diversity and variety.

Be a part of IAV and help shape the mobility of the future – in a setting characterized by inquiring minds and equipped with high-end testing infrastructure. Where you’ll discover a friendly professional environment and the freedom to work creatively. And where you’ll find career choices that are perfectly suited to you.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Tech brains & hearts

work with us on the mobility of the future

Countries where we are

located across four continents

900 M
Euro turnover

generated in 2018 with the development of innovative technologies

Everyone talks about work-life balance. We live it.

We empower our employees to tackle demanding and diverse tasks and want them to see their professional development as enriching. At the same time, it is important to us that you have the time and flexibility you need to realize your personal goals.

Here is a selection of our benefits and opportunities:

Flexible working hours & mobile work
Peer and mentoring programs
Professional, management, and project career tracks
Work abroad
Qualifications, language courses & conferences
Team building & employee events
Company wage agreements
Contributions to capital formation
Family services
Fitness and health promotion
Special conditions for renting, purchasing & leasing

Three paths for your own career.

We welcome creative minds with their hearts in the game with open arms! And since no two people are the same, no two career ladders are either.

With our IAV Career Program, we offer you three development paths so you can choose the one that suits you best. We help you familiarize yourself with methods and tools and deepen your knowledge and abilities.

Enjoy an individualized and practical qualification process!

Project management career track

As a project leader for complex turnkey development packages you bring together – using a traditional or agile approach – experts spanning the most diverse specialized topics and departments in your project team. You serve as the internal interface for customers and partners.

Management career track

As a manager you serve as a team manager, head of department, senior vice president, or executive vice president. You are responsible for your employees and remain involved in specialized issues as well as project acquisition.

Technical consulting career track

As a recognized expert you support and enhance various projects with your extensive professional know-how. You represent IAV at international conferences and symposia.