Not just talking the talk.

Also walking the walk.

We make mobility more sustainable, more intelligent, and safer. We make mobility more digital, more connected, and simply better.

As a developer of innovative technologies, we have long worked with big names in the mobility and research worlds. Our work also extends to other areas like robotics, agriculture, and energy and water management.

Thanks to an unparalleled spectrum of tasks, candidates with a STEM background will never get bored with us. Thrive in an environment that is equipped with first-class technical infrastructure. Where you encounter inquiring minds, the freedom to work creatively, and open-minded cooperation. And where you will find career choices that are perfectly suited to you.

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Innovation inside!

Why do we use a black and white pattern? We’re just like our Erlkings: dazzlingly disguised prototypes, concealing groundbreaking innovations. This kind of camouflage against overly curious eyes is typical in automotive development, which we as a company have evolved with.

And breakthroughs are typical for IAV! Because all our developments, for whatever industry they may be, involve technological innovations for tomorrow and beyond.

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This is what working with us is all about

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There’s no way you’ll ever feel like you’re done learning. In my field, we’re constantly working with new software and new developments, always gearing up for new challenges.

Simon Mühe — Calibration Engineer for Gasoline Engines

tech brains and hearts

work with us on the mobility of the future

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located across 4 continents

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generated in 2022 with the development of innovative technologies

Three paths for your own career.

All of our colleagues are different. We see that as a good thing. So we offer each one a suitable career ladder.

We call this the IAV Career Program. It offers you three paths to development. You simply choose the right one for you.

We help you familiarize yourself with methods and tools and deepen your knowledge and abilities. Enjoy an individualized and practical qualification process!

Project management career track

You manage project teams for complex turnkey development packages and serve as the interface for customers.

Management career track

You are responsible for employees and remain involved in specialized issues.

Technical consulting career track

You support various projects as a professional expert and represent IAV at international conferences and symposia.