Less faking IT,

more making IT

If you’d rather showcase your IT savvy with expertise than buzzwords, you’ve come to the right place. We work as a team to shift how the world of tomorrow moves.

We make mobility more sustainable, more intelligent, and safer. We make mobility more digital, more connected, and simply better.

As a developer of innovative technologies, we have long worked with big names in the mobility and research worlds. Our work also extends to other areas like robotics, agriculture, and energy and water management.

Ideas, concepts, solutions!

How do topics as diverse as cloud services, digital user experience, web apps, embedded software, functional safety, and cybersecurity interact seamlessly in complex system architectures? How do machine learning methods like AI and pattern recognition help improve component usage and optimize system robustness and security? What control levers can we shift in the life cycle assessment in order to consistently reduce CO2? These are just a few of the questions that we pursue every day. They demand that we think increasingly outside of the box. And they provide plenty of challenges and variety on the job. Boredom doesn’t stand a chance.

I was always fascinated by the idea of endowing a piece of silicon with intelligence. At IAV, I deal with machine learning, AI, and data analysis. We make software more intelligent so that vehicles can be more efficient and comfortable. And we use data-based root cause analysis for early detection of potential component failures in a fleet. From a methodical standpoint, this is incredibly demanding since we have to ensure system security when using AI. I have experienced a culture of freedom in my area of work, one in which employee intelligence and commitment is not questioned. This facilitates unconventional solutions, creates space for new ideas, and is very considerate.

Dr. André Bojahr — Specialist in Data Science for Automotive Projects

IAV provides space for technical innovation, flexible work methods, an agile mindset, and, in my opinion, combines all the advantages of a big company as a modern employer. Every day, I’m motivated by the prospect that I’ll most certainly learn something new again today. Right now my team and I are developing services and platforms for connected vehicles. I enjoy the challenge of keeping track of all the trends in the web developer community and selecting the right tech stack for each project.

Ulrike Exner — Frontend Developer

The work at IAV is never monotonous. You learn something new every day. I enjoy gaining new insights, generating new ideas, and developing the best solutions for our industry together with my colleagues. The whole world is changing. Every aspect of our lives is becoming digitalized. My goal is to bring artificial intelligence methods to applications in a way that adds clear value. To accomplish that, we obviously have to keep pace with the times and work with the latest technologies.

DSc Christian Kruschel — Team Lead for Research on Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

  • Future topics and industries

    Automated and autonomous driving, e-mobility, software defined vehicles, smart mobility, mobility as a service, holistic mobility concepts (urban mobility), connectivity (Car2X), “The Car That Cares”, digital user experience, next level infotainment, AI & big data, robotics, security & privacy, smart industry, services, apps, digital life cycle management

  • Previous automotive knowledge

    Prior knowledge in the automotive field is not necessary. Openness and interest will suffice! In the individual cases where it is necessary, this will be mentioned in the job description.

  • Available roles (f/m/d)

    Cloud Architect, Cloud Service Developer, IT and Solution Architect, System Integrator, Front/Backend Software Developer, Embedded Software Developer, Systems Engineer, Data Analyst,…

  • Applied skills

    Technologies: AWS and Azure Cloud, Microservices, Apache Tech Stacks,…
    Programming languages: C, C++, C#, Swift, Python, Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, Kotlin,…
    Frameworks: Java Spring, Kafka, Docker, Kubernetes, NodeJS, OpenStack, Angular,…

  • Our black and white pattern

    We’re just like our Erlkings: dazzlingly disguised prototypes, concealing groundbreaking innovations. This kind of camouflage against overly curious eyes is typical in automotive development, which we as a company have evolved with. And breakthroughs are typical for IAV! Because all our developments, for whatever industry they may be, involve technological innovations for tomorrow and beyond.

  • And what is working with us like?

    We’ve already mentioned the amicable teamwork. People also rave about the enormous amount of creative freedom for your own ideas and interdisciplinary work. Methodological and professional qualifications are acquired on a project basis, like e.g. for software and systems engineering, data science, and cybersecurity. We established our own course of studies on networked, intelligent systems together with a university. There are tailored career options for everyone – as managers, for projects, or for professional specializations. And thanks to company wage agreements, everyone is fairly compensated, including students.

  • Where to work

    Whether you work remotely or at one of our many locations depends on the job and your preference. Click here for our locations.

We drive agile methods and culture forward
Among other things, remote and flexible work foster work-life balance, and we offer special services for families
Specialist communities, project-related methodological and professional qualifications, events and conferences
Individually tailored career programs – in professional, project management, or management roles
Team building and amicable teamwork
Corporate wage agreements (also for students), company pension scheme