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As a global premium partner for the whole mobility ecosystem, we play a leading role in developing future mobility and assume special responsibility with regard to our customers, staff, suppliers and the environment.

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Right from the very start, we have always put great emphasis on delivering the quality demanded by our customers in terms of our services and products. An innovative alignment in combination with an end-to-end approach define our unique selling proposition on the market.

Our quality management enhances our innovative capability and the continuous development of our product and service range, while paying particular attention to the needs of our customers. In this way, we can devote our full attention to all the challenges facing us, such as accelerating development cycles and digitization across all sectors.

We meet the growing requirements made by law (e.g. technical compliance) and customer demands (e.g. TISAX) with an integrated approach based on applying common standards. Besides quality management, other topics such as information security, environment protection and occupational health and safety are included and anchored in our integrated management system for maximum efficacy and efficiency in fulfilling all requirements.

Our aspirations are underpinned by our “Integrated Management System” manual which lays out the framework for the individual management systems.

IAV’s quality policy described in the manual has been formulated by the management; it is regularly checked for expediency and efficacy and revised accordingly when the need arises. It takes account of customer expectations, and imposes the obligation on all company levels to fulfill the stipulated requirements and to make continuous improvements. This also applies to the corporate policy on information security, environmental protection and occupational health and safety.

For us at IAV, the obligation to fulfill requirements refers to the entirety of all activities involved in fulfilling customer requirements, achieving high customer satisfaction and committing ourselves to continuous improvement of the whole system, without disregarding the economic aspect.

With our quality aspirations, we consistently comply with the needs of our partners in the challenging automotive environment.

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Our standard includes the following certifications and accreditations:

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