IAV career


Questions about your application

  • Who can I contact if I need help with my application?

    Our career team will answer all questions regarding your application: karriere@iav.de

    Meet us face-to-face at one of our career fairs or career events. You can find all the dates here.

  • How do I apply to IAV?

    This is the fastest way to get your application to the right point of contact in the respective specialized department:

    1. Find a job offer
    2. Click on “apply”
    3. Complete your profile
    4. Upload your documents.
    5. Submit application. Done!

    We will confirm receipt of your application by email.

    Creating a profile in the IAV applicant portal will help us find you, but there is no automated matching system. Our suggestion: let us keep you informed of available jobs via email. Just register on the IAV applicant portal and subscribe to job alerts.

  • Who should I address my application cover letter to?

    You will find the contact person in the HR department at the end of the respective job advertisement.

  • What documents should my application include?

    Your documents should definitely be completely uploaded. That is the only way our colleagues in HR and the specialized department can get a good overview of your personal motivation and professional focus areas:

    • Convincing cover letter
    • Gap-free CV
    • Diploma from your studies or vocational training
      (if incomplete: a detailed transcript)
    • Work and internship references
  • I am interested in more than one position. Is one application enough?

    You only have to set up your profile once for jobs in Germany. You can then easily submit multiple applications. More specifically: clicking on “apply” will direct you to the IAV applicant portal where you will fill out your profile and submit your application. Find additional jobs in our job search. Click on apply in the IAV applicant portal to add a few job specific details and submit the application.

  • How can I update my application documents?

    Log back in to the IAV applicant portal with your profile. You can update and add to your information.

    Please send us any additional documents for positions outside of Germany by email. Simply reply to the confirmation of receipt, which you will receive after submitting your application to us.

  • Can I also send an unsolicited application to IAV?

    Please apply specifically for a job opening. They represent a concrete personnel need and your chances for a successful application will therefore be higher. In this way you also determine exactly what tasks you can imagine performing with us.

    You haven’t found the right job yet? We are happy to send you new job offers that fit your search criteria. Log in to the IAV applicant portal and sign up for the job alert.

  • Can I do my doctorate at IAV?

    Professional excellence is incredibly important to us. That is why we collaborate closely with universities and research institutes. Around 500 scientific papers incl. doctorates are written at IAV every year.

    A very good final GPA and a keen motivation to perform research are prerequisites for doing a doctorate at IAV. You have already found your potential dissertation advisor who is willing to supervise external work. You can find the appropriate topic for your doctorate listed in our job offers or in conjunction with a specialized department.

    This collaboration is generally laid out over three years with an attractive wage agreement. To ensure that your doctorate remains the primary focus, your weekly work time will not exceed 18 hours. You can flexibly determine the allocation between project and research work with your supervising specialized department. Other setups (e.g. part-time, directly at the university) are also an option.

    We encourage and support professional exchange within the company. And our doctoral candidates will receive an unlimited full-time employment opportunity upon successful completion of their doctoral dissertation.

  • What happens with my application documents?

    We always handle application documents confidentially, only store them in connection with the current application, and never forward them to third-parties.

    You can find detailed data protection information here.

  • I am under 18 and want to apply for a trainee position. What should I be aware of?

    If you are younger than 18, you require parental or legal guardian consent to use the application portal and participate in our application process. You’ll find a template for the required informed consent here.

    In addition to your name, you must provide the first and last names of your parent or legal guardian on the informed consent form. Please upload the informed consent form signed by your parent or legal guardian to your user account/candidate profile. We can not review your application without informed consent. Should we determine during the process of reviewing your application that informed consent from your parent or legal guardian has not been uploaded to your user account/candidate profile, we will inform you via email. If you do not subsequently provide us with the signed informed consent from your parent or legal guardian, your data will be deleted.

Questions about job offers

Questions about working abroad

  • What conditions must I fulfill to work at an IAV location abroad?

    Anyone who wants to work abroad should be willing to be employed there for a period of at least two years. Good English skills are also necessary.

  • What particulars should I keep in mind when applying?

    Your application letter and CV should be completed in English. Professionally translated diplomas and school certificates will help our colleagues at our international subsidiaries better assess your qualifications and professional experience.

  • How is the training process conducted?

    Before beginning a job abroad, you will frequently have a training period in Germany. This will depend on the respective scope of duties. Depending on your target country and personal qualifications, we will also prepare you with language courses and intercultural training for your new work and life situation.

  • What opportunities do students have to work at IAV’s international locations?

    Usually only students from the respective countries are employed at our international locations, as we work closely with local universities.
    Additional internship spots can be offered for international students in some situations. In such cases, the internship should last four to six months. Final theses for German universities are typically not supervised at locations abroad.