Powertrain Systems


IAV offers the development, optimisation and safeguarding of components for electro-mechanical power transmission in the vehicle (e-machine, power electronics, HV system, on-board networks, DC/DC converters, charging system) in terms of hardware and software.


IAV offers the development of high-voltage battery systems – mechanical, electrical and functional design as well as the battery management system (BMS).

Digital Solutions Powertrain

IAV offers digital solutions in the field of powertrain development, automation, simulation and optimisation using data science, AI, control technology and classic digital methods according to ASpice (e.g. anomaly detection, predictive maintenance, predictive control, process optimisation and product lifecycle optimisation).

Powertrain Software

IAV offers the development of embedded software including testing for all control units in the powertrain including coverage of FUSI, networking, cyber security, operating strategies and powertrain coordinator.

Fuel Cell

IAV offers the development of the fuel cell system for passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

Research New Powertrain Technologies

IAV bietet die Vorentwicklung neuer Antriebsformen und -konzepte wie Brennverfahren, Antriebsstrangsynthese, H2 Verbrenner und Efuels sowie die Darstellung der Machbarkeit mit Abschluss eines Konzeptentscheids (“Konzept V-Modell”).

Powertrain Control & Calibration

IAV offers function development and application for all control units in the powertrain.

ICE Mechanics

IAV offers function, hardware development and safeguarding for basic engines and fuel systems, including safeguarding of the entire development chain from pre-development to SOP and series support and after-sales.

Powertrain HW Integration

IAV offers the integration of all powertrain hardware components into the vehicle (VKM, FC, transmission, e-traction, battery, fuel system, peripheral components, etc.).

Thermal Management

IAV offers the complete development of cooling/heating and air-conditioning systems for the optimum distribution of thermal energy in the vehicle (air-conditioning, aggregate cooling, etc.) of all drive forms.

Powertrain Commercial Vehicles

IAV offers the development of hardware and software components of the entire powertrain for commercial vehicles.